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Reverb Story Picks, Freelancing Is War

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Reverb Suggests Stories

Jeff John Roberts of Paid Content reports that Wordnik, “an online dictionary that assigns meaning to words based on both standard definitions and real-life context,” has launched Reverb, a site that will help readers find interesting content and stories.

Publishers and blogs are using the site to help boost their current content campaigns. The site, for now, is free for publishers.

Freelancing is War

Illiya Vjestica, a freelancer, made a SlideShare presentation on the wise lessons he’s learned from his career as an independent worker.

He says that business is war and that freelancers have to fight to achieve their dreams. They should give themselves a three-day period to complete a project, and to always discuss higher salaries in person. Freelancers should not over promise, and only deliver on what they can do, as well as focus on creating multiple streams of income.

Keeping a Day Job and Freelancing

Naldz Graphics features a piece on reasons why a worker can and should keep a day job while freelancing.

Having both a steady job and freelance gigs will allow a worker to be financially stable and fulfill their dreams. Freelancing also helps to expand the writer’s network of contacts.

Plagiarism in Content Marketing

Christina Schmitz of PR 20/20 writes about avoiding plagiarism in a content marketing strategy.

She says that copying content “undercuts individuals and brands that put a priority on quality over quantity.” Marketers should look at HubSpot’s “How Not to Steal People’s Content on the Web,” along with online keyword monitoring tools, and, which checks if content is original.



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