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Blogging on Quora, Writer’s Block, Freelancing Demands

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Q&A Site Quora Now a Blogging Platform

According to Paid Content, Quora, the site where people can post questions and receive answers, will now serve as a publishing platform for bloggers.

Executives from the site are “pushing the idea that through the new blogging platform, anyone with a good idea and smart writing can become famous on the site, even if that person doesn’t have a strong Twitter following or an existing popular blog of their own.”

The site, writes Eliza Kern, will probably attract people already on Quora who want to expand their Q&A know-how and expertise.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

According to Blogger Gibson Goff, to overcome writer’s block, an individual must go back to the drawing board and look at what inspired him or her to write in the first place.

He says that writers need to remember who they are on a regular basis: “Remind yourself of the joy that writing, or art, brings to your life; and more importantly, the joy it brings to others.”

Writers should be confident, relax, and embrace their talents if they want to succeed.

Freelancing Needs and Demands

According to Freelance Folder, if a freelancer wants to succeed, he or she has to determine if the services are wanted or needed by somebody.

People must be willing to pay for the work or else a freelancing career will crash and burn. To see if services meet needs or demands, a freelancer can find out if anyone else is doing it, or if anyone is searching for it online.

A freelancer can start an online survey/focus group that will help answer critical questions. A survey would include a participant’s general information, their interest level in the products/services the freelancer is offering, and the amount of money they are willing to pay for them.

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