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Tumblr Redesign, Choosing a Writing Beat, Freelancing Downtime

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Tumblr’s New Design

On Thursday, Tumblr unveiled its new Dashboard design. 

Multiple blog users can manage all the accounts now from the dashboard, and next to the “create post” widget, “a dropdown menu allows users to choose between publishing immediately, preview, adding to queue and saving as draft.”

Before uploading a video, users can now play the clip in the dashboard. The company is aiming to make the Dashboard “a smaller and more streamlined experience.”

Picking What to Write About

The Renegade Writer reports on whether or not it’s feasible for writers to work on pieces focusing on what they love. Unfortunately, if writers aren’t interested in health, technology, business, or other in-demand topics, it will be a difficult journey. However, it can be done.

Writers need to find publications that cover subjects they’re interested in and pitch accordingly. Freelancers should be curious about every topic, however.

“If your goal is to make a living through freelance writing and you’re doing a lot of marketing, it’s a certainty that one day you’ll be presented with an assignment on a topic you don’t love
. If you can become interested in that idea, then yes — you’re earning a living writing only about what you’re interested in.”

How Writers Can Use Downtime

Another gem from The Renegade Writer’s Lisa Evans: The blogger outlines what writers should be doing during their downtime to keep up their freelancing businesses.

They can research editorial calendars and plan out stories, start personal blogs or websites, produce a marketing plan and set sales goals, or sign up for online courses to expand their expertise. Writers should look at new markets, go to informational interviews with other writers, and do work for online markets.

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