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Apps for Freelancers, Working with Your Flaws, Ethical Freelancing

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Apps for Freelancers

DesignBeep covers apps that are out there for freelancers to use that will make their lives easier.

There’s Dropbox, which gives users 4 GB of data for free and “allows you to synchronize all of your files on all of your devices with a straightforward drag-and-drop system.”

Mint can help freelancers manage their finances and organize spending habits into simple categories, while Evernote “allows you to store text, video or audio notes from your mobile phone or computer, and then synchronizes them in the cloud for fast retrieval and easy edits anywhere, and anytime.”

Working with Your Flaws

According to Allena Tapia, freelance writers should want constant stimulation and excitement. Freelancing is a great fit for night owls. She warns, however, that “your clients’ needs trump your circadian cycles, and you’ll have to be able to bend a little if you want to be successful.”

Independent writers should yearn for the rush (thanks to deadlines) and, of course, they are probably shut-ins. She also writes that it’s important to have some social skills, because these are also business skills.

Ethical Freelancing

Jennifer Mattern of All Freelance Writing has some suggestions for freelancers so they don’t sell out. 

When they are offered to write about a topic that needs covered, but they don’t believe in it, they should refer the job to a friend. Before publishing favorable reviews of products, writers should actually use them, or else it’s unethical.

Financial relationships need to be disclosed to readers, and writers need to make sure they appeal to the type of clients they would like to work for. “When you attract clients that satisfy your professional goals and ethics, you can make plenty of money without even feeling the temptation to sell out,” she says.

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