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On Assignment: Julie Bawden-Davis is a Writer in the Kitchen

Editor’s Note: This is the second installment of On Assignment, a monthly profile of freelance writers on notable assignments.

My coverage for Timbers Resorts echoes my background reporting on interesting individuals and their work, including chefs, as well as food, nutrition, health, and fitness. The work they publish dovetails nicely with my background in that area.

The work

Chef Profile: Scott Pikey of Mayacama

The Timbers Resorts are family resorts, not normally associated with fine dining. This particular story was important because its tastes, presentation and the experience itself are an integral part of the resort experience. It was important for members to know that they have such a high-caliber chef cooking just for them.

Additionally, I write about gardening and the outdoors, and I have done other stories for Timbers that touched on these areas — for instance, a story on spotting wildflowers while hiking near a Timbers resort location, one on a biking tour of resort members’ gardens and another on Vail’s 50th anniversary, which included a little history on how the area formed.

New Outlets

I don’t find it awkward to report for a blog sponsored by a brand instead of a traditional publisher, because a good story is a good story, no matter where it is published. As a writer, the most important thing to me is spotting a good story, researching and writing it and then seeing that it’s shared with as many people as possible. Oftentimes, a brand has just the right audience with which to share the story. People looking at the brand’s website/blog are the target audience, and that is just what I as a writer want.

A writer should be open to all possibilities when it comes to finding stories and placing them. The media world is constantly evolving and changing. You never know where the next story or outlet for your work will pop up. Be open to sharing your stories in whatever medium becomes available, and realize that in this digital age, your story is likely to find its way into many other mediums — especially if it’s engaging and well-written. And ALWAYS do your best work possible, no matter where the story will be placed.


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