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While You Were Writing – 3/1/2013

One of our missions at Contently is to provide for unaffiliated freelancers some of the resources that a journalist might find working for a staff. We started the Freelance Writers Meetup last summer to add some of the collegiality and sharing of best practices that might come from walking around the newsroom.

Jay Irani’s session in January on photojournalism was the lastest of these events that showcases an experienced journalist leading a discussion on a pressing topic faced by freelance journalists. Past events have focused on the benefits of specializingmaking it as a travel writer and balancing work you love and work that pays.

Past guests have included the New York Times’s Dan Saltzstein, Current TV’s Jo Piazza and ZDnet’s Mary Jo Foley.

To date, these events have been monthly in New York, but we recently invited you, our Contently journalists worldwide, to host your own Freelance Writers Meetups. Events were held last month in 22 cities from Milwaukee to Singapore. And we’re not done. THAT response inspired us to hit the road.

This year we plan to bring the Freelance Writers Meetup to more cities in the U.S., to be cohosted with established organizations in those towns. If you’d like to organize such an event, reply to this email. We’ll give it a shot.

Additionally, we’re planning a tour this spring of graduate and undergraduate journalism programs to lead a discussion on the changing employment landscape for for new journalists and building your personal brand to grow your career. If you’d like to see us on your campus, reply to this email.

Look for these and other events from us and we hope to see you in your city or campus. We’ll keep you posted here, on The Freelance StrategistFacebook, Twitterand wherever else you can find Contently.

Our bags are packed.

Read more about the Freelance Writers Meetup.

- John Hazard

(Image by santheo via Flickr, CC2.0)

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