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While You Were Writing – 3/22/2013

Don’t just call us writers. I think that sells us short. We are journalists.

A writer asserts that something is true (or not) just because they wrote it; a journalist verifies it. Journalists are concerned with the methods of uncovering, analyzing, and verifying the truth. That usually is accomplished through the sources we talk to.

Sources don’t just verify a story, they also lend their voice to its telling, and selecting between sources can take a story in different directions, improve it, or ruin it.

We’ll be talking about the topic of selecting sources — what I call “casting” — at the next Freelance Writers Meetup, Journalists, Sources and the Art of “Casting” a Story, co-hosted by ProfNet, April 11, at PR Newswire’s offices in New York.

The Freelance Writers Meetup has been Contently’s opportunity to make physical the resources and knowledge we’re trying to create and share with writers. The coming Meetup is our first with a co-host, one that is equally committed to the task. ProfNet, part of PR Newswire, is a service that connects journalists on deadline with expert sources. Public relations personnel pay ProfNet for the privilege to read reporters’ queries and connect their clients, mostly busuiness executives and university researchers, to reporters.

Bob Van Voris, of Bloomberg, and Kaitlin Ugolik, of Law360, will walk our guests through the art of casting a story by identifying the strongest sources, evaluating their level of knowledge, and connecting with hard to find experts. We will also explore using anonymous sources, managing sources and the role of editors.

Hope to see you out April 11. Meanwhile, Contently portfolio users are encouraged to use ProfNet experts to bolster your next story. Submit your query at this link:

(Image by thivierr via Flickr, CC2.0)

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