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Quiz: What City Are You Meant to Freelance In?

Most people would agree that New York City is the media capital of the world. If you do anything creative for a living, there will be opportunities to make money off of your skills in New York. Being in proximity to so many people and places and events brings a level of convenience that is unrivaled in America. If you want to see things and meet people, this is the place to be.

For me, that fact has almost—almost—made up for the city’s lingering potpourri of feet, cigarillos, and street meat carts. Other cities just don’t have enough action to compete, regardless of how much you think the Internet has leveled the playing field.

It’s the other elements, like weather and cost of living, that have leveled the playing field. If New York was affordable and always 80 degrees, we’d all move here instantly. Instead, some freelancers work out of places that don’t require you to sell organs and pawn family heirlooms every month just to afford a small shoebox apartment. Others live in cities with better climates, away from pools of slush that cabs spray on the new sneakers that came in the shoebox you now live in. And in those warm, mysterious places, beaches have water that isn’t tainted by paper plates coated in dollar-slice grease and flavored with industrial waste.

Finding the right place to work really just depends on what trade-off you want to make. Maybe your current city isn’t the city you’re meant to be in. Or maybe you’re the one person who really likes being in Cleveland. Or maybe you hate being surrounded by crowds of tourists who don’t know how to walk efficiently on the sidewalk. Either way, we’ve created another highly unscientific quiz that will give you a concrete answer.

So please take the quiz, share your results, and let us know what you think @TheFreelancer.

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