Contently’s Clients Are Looking for Writers With Expertise in the Asian Financial Industry

By Dillon Baker May 24th, 2017

In the name of connecting freelancers to our clients, we publish information about the kinds of freelancers our clients are looking for.  Contently helps top brands create and manage content. As part of that mission, we connect our clients to high-quality writers, designers, photographers, and videographers who can help them realize their marketing needs through beautiful content.

The hope is that everyone benefits: You, our readers, will be first in line for high-paying client work, and Contently can draw from a wide, high-quality base of freelancers to service our clients.

This month, our clients are looking for English-language writers with expertise in the Asian financial industry

Maybe you’ve reported on Chinese international investments. Or maybe you’ve analyzed trends in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Perhaps you’ve written layman’s translations of Indonesian tax policy. In any case, you’re savvy with how money moves in Asia, and you can translate that knowledge into interesting, engaging stories.

Clips in one or more of the following publications are highly desired:

  • The Financial Times
  • Fortune
  • The Economist
  • Bloomberg
  • Barron’s Asia

Pay is determined by clients, but generally falls into the following ranges:

  • Articles (300-700 words) pay $380-$630
  • Reported stories (400-700+ words) pay $570-$890
  • Multi-source stories (400-700+ words) pay $1,140-$1,400
  • White Papers (1,000-5,000 words) pay $1.70/word

If you haven’t worked with Contently’s platform or our clients before, here’s the gist:

  • Our platform allows clients to pay you instantly upon submission. In other words, no waiting around for a check or bothering with invoices.
  • There’s no obligation to accept assignments.
  • Before getting started with our clients, you will be fully trained on our platform.
  • Our talent team and managing editors will support you throughout the process.
  • Our clients are all major brands that will make strong additions to your portfolio.

If you’re interested, here’s how to apply:

  1. Register with Contently by creating a free Contently portfolio.
  2. Send your portfolio URL and a short summary about your experience to our talent team for evaluation via this form:

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