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Managing Editor Tip of the Month: Update Your Contently Portfolio in a Flash

By Sara Coleman January 20th, 2023

As a freelancer, my to-do list is almost neverending. Admittedly, updating my Contently portfolio falls to the bottom of the list if I’m not careful.

But I’ve learned putting it on the backburner only adds more time to the task later on. When I’m in a hurry to update my portfolio to wow a potential client, I end up kicking myself for procrastinating. In a competitive marketplace, I always want to present my freshest, most relevant work when possible.

Fortunately, I’ve learned a few tricks to keep my profile up to date with minimal effort. Here’s how I stay on top of it.

Import projects from a client’s website

Did you know you can add your client’s website and Contently will find your authored articles automatically? This saves you the effort of inputting projects individually. I use this feature regularly, and it saves me valuable time. I simply add the website and voilà—like magic, the Contently algorithm finds my work and plugs it right into my portfolio page.

This is ideal for writers like me who have regular bylines with certain clients.

Calendar reminders are your friend

Adding a reminder to my calendar each month is an easy way to remember to update my portfolio. In fact, I’ve already blocked a few minutes once a month for all of 2023.

This year, I took it a step further and put a link to my portfolio right in the description, so I can open it right away and get to work. Is this groundbreaking? Hardly. But I find a simple reminder is all it takes.

Use the arrows to make your portfolio stand out

I want my best work featured at the top of my portfolio versus buried deep at the bottom. When adding projects, I use the arrows on the lefthand side to maneuver my pieces up and down my portfolio page. This lets me choose the ones I want to showcase in the most precious, above-the-fold real estate.

I was recently contacted by another managing editor for work with a potential client, and they wanted a link to my portfolio for the client to review. I sent the link, but first, I made sure to move my most relevant articles to the top. This way, the client knows at a glance that (fingers-crossed) I’m the writer they need on their team.

A little attention and a couple of shortcuts make updating your Contently portfolio a breeze. I struggle with time management in general, but these tips are simple enough even for busy freelancers like me.

Image by Eakkasit Nimprasert
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