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How 3 Brands Leverage Contently to Produce Impactful Video Content

By Alvaro Chocano February 24th, 2023

In late 2021, relative newcomer TikTok usurped Google as the most popular search engine in the world. The title takeover made global headlines.

The move nods to a larger shift in digital consumption: “Snackable” video content now reigns supreme. As a result, audiences are turning to short, snappy videos for where to eat, how to fix things, new hobbies, and simply killing time. (And as anyone with a teenager at home will tell you, younger generations have more engagement with video content than any other media format.)

In a saturated space, it’s no longer enough to just post a video and call it a day.

Video content can get your message in front of engaged audiences. But in a saturated space, it’s no longer enough to just post a video and call it a day. Analytics that measure how your audience reacts to your content are a must. Content audits are another important component of an effective, long-term video strategy.

Contently has worked with dozens of brands to create engaging videos. Our award-winning platform allows our customers to find the best vendor for their needs. We get that not all clients are the same and that every strategy is unique—which is why our platform has a wide range of offerings.

But don’t trust our word for it—check out Contently-created videos in action. Below are three examples of how our partners are leaning into video content.

Weedmaps doubles down on quality video content

Weedmaps worked with Contently to produce a high-end, live-action video highlighting the disproportionate regulation of the cannabis industry in the media. They worked with one of our Los Angeles-based video vendors known for television and film production.

Working with large crews of hired actors and producers, our vendor created a funny short-story-turned-commercial. The video was picked up by many media outlets including Adweek. The client ultimately built their entire content strategy around this video, tracking awareness and engagement over time.

Coast Capital Savings explores live-action explainers

Coast Capital Savings collaborated with one of Contently’s video vendors to turn a simple webinar-style video into an interactive mix of animated and live-action content. These one- to 10-minute videos addressed common financial pain points.

A crew of more than 20 people brought the project to life in a Brooklyn studio. Following the vendor’s guidance and creative direction, the client decided to create a live-action/animation combo to keep users engaged.

The project was so successful that Coast Capital Savings opted to create a second round of videos with the same vendor.

Synchrony eyes a wide variety of formats

Synchrony is a great example of how large brands can use Contently to dabble in a variety of content formats at once. This brand created around 30,000 articles, illustrations, and videos on the Contently platform in 2022 alone.

When getting their feet wet with multimedia, Synchrony started small with a simple animated video. Once they realized how seamless the process was, they started to incorporate video marketing into their larger content strategy. Their interest grew from a one-off to a fully video-based content package.

Now, the client is simultaneously working on social media videos and stock footage compilation. They utilize the platform’s campaigns feature, which helps them proactively scale their video content and ensure it falls under the scope of their strategy. They’re also considering adding a dedicated multimedia project manager to their account.

Video content is here to stay—and if your company is struggling to keep up, Contently can help. Learn more about our video services.

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Image by Niege Borges