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Rates Database

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DateClient & TopicFormatWordcountPayPay FormatNotes
3/25/2019The Bark - Technology and ScienceBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Blog Post1500 words$300Paid flat rateGreat communication, fast turn around on editing but well done
3/21/2019VICE UK - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1500 words$500Paid flat rate
3/19/2019TechCrunch - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story1800 words$300Paid flat rate
3/19/2019GetYourGuide - Travel and CultureDigital, Misc, Website content editing$11Paid per hourAll contact with the client was positive. The rate, however, is appallingly low for the technical and skilled work performed by the freelance content editors.

Freelance content editors are expected to rewrite/edit a large amount of content (often unintelligible); correspond with clients; fulfil all the requirements of the content management system; follow internal style guides; keep up with regular changes to production and process; and read at least weekly email communications outlining areas of required improvement for the freelance team. All for 10 euros an hour.
3/14/2019Euronews - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story400 words$18Paid per hourSeverely understaffed and lack of training so you have to be prepared to hit the ground running/ask other staff to help out. Friendly staff and multilingual teams but the work is monotonous. Lots or rewriting wire copy/translating other language team stories. Never go out for stories. Salary paid monthly. Company pays freelancers a 16.40 euro/day meal allowance and pay for trains/flights to/from UK/EU and provide modest hotel in Lyon. Shuttle is offered for early morning/late night shifts. Great for casual work but not if you want to do real journalism.
3/13/2019The Magnolia Journal - Meredith Corp - Food and DrinkBoth Print and Digital, Writing200 words$400Paid flat rate
3/13/2019The Forward - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1200 words$300Paid flat rate
3/13/2019The Forward - OtherDigital, Writing, Essay1800 words$400Paid flat rate
3/12/2019dtm - Arts and EntertainmentPrint, Design, Illustration$15Paid per hour
3/9/2019Heart and Humanity - OtherDigital, Writing, Essay1200 words$25Paid flat rateWhen they started the site last year they promised to pay their writers. None of us have been paid yet.
3/8/ - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing1000 words$1,000Paid flat rate
3/5/2019Credit Karma - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Blog Post900 words$450Paid flat rate
3/5/2019Autodesk Redshift - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$500Paid flat rateThoughtful editing includes copy editing and fact-checking. Edits limited to making the story clearer and better. A very friendly and collaborative experience.
3/4/2019Foreign policy - BusinessDigital, Writing, Blog Post1300 words$1Paid per word
3/1/2019Square (Canada) - BusinessDigital, Writing, Blog Post1600 words$500Paid flat rateI contracted with them to do a series of blog posts on ecommerce and marketing topics through a freelancer platform. I negotiated the pricing of each post based on word count, depending on the level of research required. The editing process was great. They were quick and provided clear feedback. I would definitely work with them again.
2/20/2019British Journal of Photography - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Photo, Portrait$196Paid per day
2/14/2019Roadtripper - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story1100 words$700Paid flat rateWhen assigned a story, I always ask for more -- as a personal rule. The editor said no, and I decided to take the job anyway.
2/13/2019Bitter Southern - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story3900 words$1,000Paid flat rateRate was for writing and photography. Extremely slow response times, poor edit experience
2/3/2019Hyperallergic - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Reported Story500 words$100Paid flat rate
2/3/2019Japan Times - Arts and EntertainmentBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$0Paid per wordQuality of editing depends on editor but payment is always on time.
1/30/2019Well+Good - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Essay600 words$100Paid flat rate
1/30/2019Refinery29 - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$500Paid flat rate
1/26/2019HelloGiggles - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1500 words$75Paid flat rateI appreciate getting paid for the work, but I wish it was a higher rate for the amount of reporting and work.
1/26/2019Travel Dose - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post850 words$0Paid flat rateI didn't know anything about the publishing process for this site, and wasn't given any notice of when my article was eventually published. When it was, I checked back in about payment, only to find it out that there was no payment available.
1/25/2019Washington Post - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Essay800 words$250Paid flat rateEditorial work is usually very transparent and excellent.
1/25/2019Web design/marketing firm - Advertising and MarketingDigital, Writing500 words$120Paid flat rate
1/25/2019vice - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Essay1300 words$200Paid flat rate
1/24/2019Guardian - The Upside - Healthcare and MedicalBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$39Paid flat rateI often write for the Guardian but had never written for this section. It wasn't a great experience and very different from other Guardian departments where I'd had positive encounters. Non-responsive editor. A perfunctory reply several weeks after submission even though later stated article was fine (very disconcerting waiting game for a freelancer). Half the article was cut without discussion - most importantly, a very personal story from a trauma survivor whose sole purpose in agreeing to speak was to tell her story and make a difference. If the edit was required to focus the piece, that's absolutely fine - I'm not precious about this and respect editorial judgment. But there was no such discussion. Also because of the hard edit, the pay was far less than promised and several months after submission.
1/24/2019The Week - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Essay1000 words$150Paid flat rate
1/20/2019Canadian Healthcare Technology - Healthcare and MedicalBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story900 words$300Paid flat rate
1/19/2019Paper Magazine - OtherDigital, Writing, Essay1300 words$200Paid flat rate
1/18/2019Lonely Planet - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story1200 words$0Paid per wordSame rates for print trade books (not guidebooks)
1/18/2019Grok Nation - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Essay800 words$100Paid flat rateLow pay for personal essays but the editors at the publication are a delight to work with.
1/18/ - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Reported Story750 words$250Paid flat rateNice editor, timely pay.
1/18/2019Snopes - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story600 words$200Paid flat rate
1/16/2019Agoda travel blog - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$50Paid flat rateNumbers say everything.
1/16/2019Agoda travel blog - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$50Paid flat rateThe numbers say it all.
1/14/2019Local Fashion Boutique Website - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing, Blog Post900 words$60Paid flat rate
1/14/2019Mid-size Healthcare Organization - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, Blog Post700 words$85Paid per hour
1/12/2019Reikiology - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$9Paid flat rateI'm relatively new to freelance writing, so I'm working for lower rates in order to get work. This client was excellent to work for though, so I'd consider working with her again in the future in a heartbeat.
1/10/2019Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, Blog Post700 words$95Paid flat rate
1/8/2019Eaten Magazine - Food and DrinkPrint, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$200Paid flat rateEaten Magazine focuses on food history. Great editor, beautiful magazine.
12/28/2018Icelandair Stopover - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing, Reported Story600 words$250Paid flat rate
12/14/2018Eat North - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing, Blog Post600 words$94Paid flat rateWell-regarded Canadian food and drink website. Passionate, professional editorial team. Payment by bank transfer within 30 days.
12/14/2018Globe and Mail - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story600 words$225Paid flat rateCanadian national daily newspaper. Professional, easy to work with.
12/14/2018Family Fun Canada - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post1000 words$23Paid flat rateHighly regarded Canadian family travel website. Astonishingly low pay... but the publication is very well-respected in the travel industry.
12/13/2018CNN Style - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Reported Story700 words$250Paid flat rate
12/13/2018TodayTix - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Blog Post750 words$100Paid flat rate
12/13/2018Dallas Style & Design - LifestylePrint, Writing, Reported Story650 words$260Paid flat rate
12/13/2018Arts + Culture Texas - Arts and EntertainmentBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story850 words$200Paid flat rateAlways need to send several reminders about payment
12/13/2018Football Weekends Magazine - SportsPrint, Writing, Reported Story2000 words$62Paid flat rate
12/13/2018Luxury site - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing3000 words$0Paid per wordA good client, but they delayed on payment
12/12/2018Elevation Outdoors - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing, Reported Story1700 words$0Paid per wordEasy to work with editor. Payment came a couple of months after publication.
12/10/2018CSOOnline - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post1000 words$0Paid per wordContributor work is unpaid but gives you domain expert status
12/9/2018Hardwick Gazette - NewsPrint, Writing, Reported Story650 words$50Paid flat rateMicro market weekly. Great people, terrible pay. But: plenty of work!
12/6/2018The Daily Dot - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing800 words$150Paid flat rate
12/6/2018Local Industries - BusinessDigital, Misc, Copy Editing$45Paid per hourI acquired this client in July 2018. They are wonderful to work with and pay promptly. However, the work is on-demand (i.e., no advance notice) with short deadlines.
12/6/2018Anthem - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, White Paper1500 words$1,000Paid flat rate
12/6/2018OncologyLive Magazine - Healthcare and MedicalBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story2200 words$1,500Paid flat rate
12/6/2018Newsday - Real Estate and ArchitectureBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story700 words$300Paid flat rate
12/6/2018BBC - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story1500 words$600Paid flat rateBBC Travel have friendly editors and a very thorough fact-checking and sub-editing process.
12/6/2018The Points Guy Family Travel - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post1000 words$300Paid flat rateVery timely payment, easy to work with
12/5/2018Vice News - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story2000 words$1,000Paid flat rate
12/4/2018Atlanta Journal-Constitution - SportsDigital, Writing, Reported Story450 words$150Paid flat rateGood pay, good people.
11/30/2018Washington Post - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story1200 words$800Paid flat rate
11/26/2018The Washington Post - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$400Paid per dayDay rate negotiated up from first offer. Just reporting on breaking news. Additional pay for photo.
11/26/2018Rewire.News - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1200 words$250Paid flat rate
11/22/2018Ny Rina - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Essay2000 words$1Paid per word
11/20/2018Al Jazeera English - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1100 words$350Paid flat rateEasy to work with the editor but took over 2 months for payment to arrive.
11/14/2018The New Southern Fugitives - OtherDigital, Writing, Essay1000 words$100Paid flat rate
11/13/2018Latino USA - NewsDigital, Video, Live-Action$500Paid flat rateEasy to work with and very few edits but had to email many times to get a going, after an initial "yes" from the editor.
11/6/2018ZekeCTW - LifestyleDigital, Writing1000 words$0Paid per wordUgh
11/5/2018Michigan City Journal/David Davenport - Arts and EntertainmentBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story400 words$0.10Paid per wordIt has been an interesting learning experience and wish to move onto bigger things.
11/4/2018BTC - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$0.50Paid per word
10/30/2018Teen Vogue - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Reported Story600 words$100.00Paid flat rate
10/29/2018bestter - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post300 words$20.00Paid per page
10/15/2018Men's Journal - OtherPrint, Writing, Reported Story3000 words$4,200.00Paid flat rateGood line edits. Nice staff.
10/12/2018Purecontent - Advertising and MarketingDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$7.00Paid flat rateA disorganized sweatshop if there ever was. They will squeeze everything they possibly can out of you for $7.
10/11/2018Everyday Health - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$350.00Paid flat rate
10/9/ - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1200 words$600.00Paid flat rate
10/8/2018Atlas Obscura - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story1400 words$600.00Paid flat rate$600 for a 1200-1400 word reported story with photos. Very responsive editor, great to work with.
10/4/2018Little White Lies - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Essay800 words$57.67Paid flat rateNice editor to work with. Fast to respond, helpful feedback and minimal changes.
10/2/ - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Blog Post1000 words$100.00Paid flat rateThey are nice people to work with. Still working on SEO strategy.
9/28/2018American Interest - NewsDigital, Writing, Blog Post2000 words$200.00Paid flat rate
9/28/2018TED Ideas Blog - OtherDigital, Writing, Blog Post800 words$800.00Paid flat rate
9/26/20185280 - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story520 words$390.00Paid flat rate
9/26/2018The WOD Life blog - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$25.00Paid per hourAlways pay on time.
9/22/2018Land Rover Monthyl - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing, Essay2500 words$660.00Paid flat rate2,500 word story of my trip including 5 photos. No room for negotiation on rate.
9/21/2018The Hollywood Reporter - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$75.00Paid flat rateThey pay a very low flat rate for online articles, no matter how long/how many subjects you interview.
9/18/2018Dark Knight - BusinessDigital, Writing, Blog Post1000 words$0.01Paid per wordI found this person on a marketing forum who said they'd give me a lot of weekly work. I hear from them maybe 1-2 times a week and their clients are impossibly hard to please. They have this huge list of requirements for every article and it only pays $1 per 100 words. He's charging his clients $2 per 100 words.
9/12/2018Washington Post - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Photo, Portrait$300.00Paid per day$350 day rate for the day. Subsequent days are $250 each. The first day is higher because it's $250 plus an $100 fee so they are able to sell your stuff on Getty (50-50 profit split of their sales)
9/8/2018Granite Media - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Blog Post1500 words$200.00Paid flat rateSuper-nice people. The send you a list of available articles and summaries to choose from. They are also open to pitches. Editing is smooth, and they rarely send back an article.
9/8/2018The New Yorker - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story2000 words$325.00Paid flat rate$325 for digital stories. Doesn't go up. Very slow edits and fact-checking.
9/8/2018Hemang Patel - Arts and EntertainmentBoth Print and Digital, Design, Website Design$1.00Paid per page
9/7/2018The Establishment - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Essay1500 words$125.00Paid flat rateUnsolicited submission. Quick response. No prior relationship.
9/7/2018Refinery29 - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing, Blog Post1500 words$250.00Paid flat rateAssignment via pre-existing relationship with editor. Story required market work and research in addition to copy.
9/2/2018POLITICO Magazine - OtherDigital, Writing, Essay1200 words$400.00Paid flat rateGot asked to write an Op-Ed, it got picked up by the senior editors and the head editor. No idea why but went along with it, they wanted it to be on the front page of the POLITICO Magazine website. Was also featured on the main POLITICO website. Enjoyed a great amount of success, the editing went very quickly over three days with the editor calling me to request quicker completion. The essay started with about 700-800 words and ended up being about 1200 words. Was messaged a day after that they were working on a contract for me at $400. I think the rate tied more to the amount of success and ad revenue it bought in. Would work with them any time. Very pleasant, transparent, and reliable.
8/31/2018EY - BusinessDigital, Writing, Reported Story1500 words$150.00Paid per hourMy deep experience in this area allows me to charge this much.
8/30/2018Various clients on Upwork marketplace - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, E-book3500 words$36.00Paid per hourMy resource guide for women wanting to enter the field of blockchain tech/cryptocurrency business was well received. Creating it was a pleasant working experience. This was one of a series of deliverables that I've created for this client.
8/30/2018Medical economics - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$400.00Paid flat rate
8/30/2018Ghost Writing - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing, E-book12000 words$35.00Paid per hour
8/30/ - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$400.00Paid flat rate
8/28/2018The Financial Diet - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Blog Post1000 words$30.00Paid flat rate
8/26/2018Guardian Online - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing, Blog Post800 words$1,500.00Paid flat rate(2016) Commissioned work, web and phone research, photo coordination, paid via direct deposit 1 month after.
8/25/2018ACA Video - BusinessDigital, Video, Event Coverage$640.00Paid flat rateConference recording. £500 flat day rate - may be full day coverage, or may be just filming highlights. No editing.
8/24/2018Berks County Living - Food and DrinkBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story1500 words$250.00Paid flat rate
8/24/2018Civil Eats - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing, Reported Story1400 words$350.00Paid flat rateLove working for Civil Eats, which is a non-profit food policy publication!
8/24/2018EzTaxReturn - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Copywriting30 words$4.00Paid flat ratepaid me extra $5 tip but gave 4* instead of 5* review
8/23/2018Global Healing Center - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, Reported Story1600 words$650.00Paid flat rateThere's a ratcheting *down* of pay, from nearly $0.60 per word to $0.33. This is on stories with 25 references, all of which are from PubMed—translation: real scientific research. Plus, they strip your byline, replacing with the site's owner? Why is this the heartbeat of freelance writing? I know smaller companies like this can't pay as much as big titles, nor pay print rates, but there's got to be a better way.
8/23/2018Tektronix - Technology and SciencePrint, Writing2000 words$2,600.00Paid per hourIt was an enjoyable experience
8/23/2018Dwell - Arts and EntertainmentBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story850 words$850.00Paid per pageDwell also paid for all of my expenses to go to Italy to report the story. That doesn't usually happen anymore, so this was a great assignment.
8/23/2018Freelance Client - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post1200 words$300.00Paid flat rate
8/23/2018Modern Luxury Philadelphia Style - LifestylePrint, Writing, Reported Story500 words$1.00Paid per wordLong to pay
8/23/2018My Client - BusinessDigital, Writing, Blog Post$0.80Paid per wordBusiness and finance articles on a blog, an ongoing project.
8/22/2018Vulture - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Reported Story1200 words$300.00Paid flat rateThey don't have time for BS.
8/22/2018British Cinematographer Magazine - Arts and EntertainmentPrint, Writing, Reported Story10000 words$300.00Paid flat rateCinematography stories timed to release date in the UK. Publishes online only months and months after print version, if ever.
8/22/2018USA Today - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post1800 words$0.10Paid per word
8/22/2018USA Today Travel Tips - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing500 words$60.00Paid flat rate
8/22/2018The Guardian US / This Land Is Your Land - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story900 words$1Paid per wordWent through three edits (the last being a minor one to look things over and answer a couple of questions). The story did get longer from the original 700-word assignment, with no offer to pay additional money.
8/22/2018BBC / Future Now - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story1400 words$643Paid flat rateI'm still going through the editing process, but the editor was flexible when I had to push back my due date because of the main source's availability.
8/21/2018Individual needing edit of a dissertation - OtherDigital, Misc, Copy editing$45.00Paid per hour
8/21/2018Emerald - LifestyleBoth Print and Digital, Writing, White Paper900 words$300.00Paid flat rateCool, collected, poised and focused
8/20/2018OMG Media Group - Advertising and MarketingDigital, Writing, Copywriting2580 words$86.62Paid per hour
8/20/2018Skylife magazine - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing, Reported Story900 words$450.00Paid flat rateI have worked with the same editor two times and the experience was pretty good. He was always quick to reply and also informed me about the payment once I had to follow up with them.
8/20/2018The Times UK - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story700 words$300.00Paid flat rateIts good to work with them.
8/20/2018The Senior Paper - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing, Essay750 words$50.00Paid flat rateEnjoyed the assignment and felt motivated when it appeared with my byline.
8/20/2018A Senior Center in San Francisco - OtherDigital, Writing, Copywriting2500 words$25.00Paid per hour
8/19/ - BusinessDigital, Writing1000 words$1.00Paid per word
8/19/2018Mid-size tech company - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$1,500.00Paid flat rate
8/19/2018The Sunday Times Travel Magazine - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing1800 words$700.00Paid flat rateThese Instant Guides take a lot of time.
8/19/2018Maisonneuve Magazine - LifestyleBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story4500 words$0.10Paid per wordEditors were really attentive to the piece, so it was a great learning experience and I'm proud of the story. But the pay is terrible and the net is 180 days.
8/19/2018National Observer - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1200 words$300.00Paid flat rateGreat editors and prompt payment. $200 for a quick-turnaround reported story of 600 words (that ballooned to 1000) and $300 for an 800-word reported story with a feature lede and streeters involved (which ended up being 1200 words)
8/19/2018Field of Vision - NewsDigital, Video, Event Coverage$5,000.00Paid flat rateFor short documentary film direction. Amazing company to work with.
8/19/2018The Huffington Post - NewsDigital, Photo, Event$500.00Paid flat rateFor first-time publishing of documentary photo series.
8/19/2018Eileen Pace Media - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$750.00Paid flat rate
8/19/2018Eileen Pace Media - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing1000 words$175.00Paid flat rateThe subject choices are narrow; some things fit into two equally.
8/18/2018Filmsters - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Video, Live-Action$3,500.00Paid per day
8/18/2018Morena panturiano grupo - Technology and SciencePrint, Writing, Copywriting1000 words$10.00Paid per hourHace mucho tiempo en proyecto de ventilación mecanica para un ambiente de proceso de extracción de grasa para la produccion cosmeticos
8/18/2018USA Today - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing, Blog Post600 words$100.00Paid flat rateI've contributed several pieces to USA Today's new food & travel vertical "Eat Sip Trip" - Brad Cohen is an easy editor to work.
8/18/2018Broccoli Mag - LifestylePrint, Writing175 words$75.00Paid flat rateNone
8/17/2018GoDaddy - Advertising and MarketingDigital, Writing, Blog Post1000 words$150.00Paid flat rateGreat topics for anyone writers working within technology and the internet space. It's important to clarify with them at the start that you'd like to do on-going work. It can be a challenge to get onto their contributing writer's email, and get a response back.
8/17/2018Mabuhay magazine - Food and DrinkBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story400 words$145.44Paid flat rateNet 60 so I have not been paid yet
8/17/2018Christian Science Monitor - Travel and CultureBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story750 words$250.00Paid flat rateExcellent working with the editor who clear guidelines and follow-up with me on small edits.
8/17/2018Aliyah Media - SportsDigital, Writing, Reported Story4000 words$0.00Paid flat rateAliyah Media said they went out of business (true) right after they accepted my story and put it on the front page of their website. Got a follow-up from a financial person saying they are working on paying freelancers but when I checked back in with him a week later his e-mail and everyone else's e-mail at Aliyah Media were not longer in operation. Basically got stiffed out of $500.00
8/17/2018Hyperallergic - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Reported Story1200 words$100.00Paid flat rateHyperallergic should be paying its freelance contributors more than $100 for a reported story. Between pitching, emails, reporting, writing, research, edits, I spent about 8 or 9 hours on each story.
8/17/2018The Motley Fool - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Blog Post24000 words$50.00Paid flat rate
8/17/2018Rad Season - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$30.00Paid flat rateNice, easy to work for, pays promptly and without follow-up.
8/17/2018PlaneOwner - SportsPrint, Writing, Reported Story750 words$100.00Paid per pageThe client is the member magazine of a non-profit organisation, hence a lower rate
8/17/2018Broadly (Vice) - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story1800 words$400.00Paid flat rate
8/17/2018New York Daily News - NewsDigital, Writing600 words$150.00Paid flat rate
8/17/2018Globe and Mail - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing700 words$300.00Paid flat rate
8/17/2018Macleans Magazine - NewsDigital, Writing700 words$350.00Paid flat rate
8/17/2018CBC - NewsDigital, Writing700 words$300.00Paid flat rate
8/17/2018girlboss - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Blog Post800 words$120.00Paid flat rate
8/17/2018Los Angeles Times - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$250.00Paid flat rate
8/17/2018Business Mirror Newspaper - Real Estate and ArchitecturePrint, Writing, Reported Story800 words$23.00Paid flat rateHigher and on-time payment
8/17/2018Stanford magazine - OtherBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story500 words$1.50Paid per word
8/17/2018Wesleyan magazine - OtherBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story500 words$1.00Paid per word
8/17/2018The Atlantic - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story1500 words$350.00Paid flat rateHeavy Reporting and Intensive Edits
8/16/2018Cardinal Health - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing1000 words$1,412.00Paid flat rateCardinal Health is fantastic to work with, both in coming up with concepts for new articles and throughout the editing process.
8/16/ - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Blog Post1000 words$175.00Paid flat rate
8/16/2018EMMOTION - Technology and ScienceBoth Print and Digital, Video, Live-Action$100.00Paid per hour
8/16/2018Tonic - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$350.00Paid flat rate
8/16/2018Fast Company - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$300.00Paid flat rate
8/16/2018Garden blog - OtherDigital, Writing2500 words$435.00Paid per hourHasslefree and quick. But I lacked a proper feedback/thanks at the end of gig.
8/16/2018Make Modern - OtherDigital, Misc$100.00Paid flat rate"Make Modern," is an Australian e-zine about quilting. Wrote features and bio's about quilter's in our industry.
8/16/2018Comolatti group - BusinessBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story2700 words$105.00Paid per page
8/16/2018GoDaddy Garage Blog - BusinessDigital, Writing, Blog Post750 words$150.00Paid flat rate
8/16/2018Hill's Pet - OtherDigital, Writing, Blog Post1200 words$150.00Paid flat rateThis was an assignment via Skyword. I'm a regular contributor to this content channel.
8/16/2018Digital Learning LLC - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Video, Live-Action$650.00Paid per day
8/16/2018Alaska Beyond - Travel and CultureBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$0.40Paid per wordvery professional
8/16/2018Contentellect - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$30.00Paid flat rate
8/16/2018Pacific Standard - Technology and ScienceBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story2000 words$2,000.00Paid flat rateThis publication was not willing to remove an indemnity clause in their contract or pay on acceptance rather than publication. I feel both of these changes would be more fair to freelancers, particularly when there is a long wait time for publication (nearly a year in some cases).
8/16/2018Guardian Books - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Blog Post1000 words$115.30Paid flat rateIt doesn't matter what type of writing you submit, it's treated as a blog post with a flat rate
8/16/2018San Francisco Magazine - OtherBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story5000 words$1.00Paid per wordThis has been a good quality publication, but it is woefully behind in paying freelancers. I was paid three months late, and for others the wait was even longer.
8/16/2018IDEO - Advertising and MarketingBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Copywriting2000 words$60.00Paid per hourTook advantage of my inexperience with rates to lowball me. Put the onus on me to determine what was fair while knowing I desperately needed the work. Hourly rates simply don't work unless the rate is extremely generous or the writer defines the work hours very narrowly. Not really consistent with IDEO's stated ("human centered") values IMO, but I suppose that's capitalism .
8/16/2018Brittany Risher - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$325.00Paid flat rate
8/16/2018Zdnet - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story500 words$250.00Paid flat rate
8/16/2018Kooloss - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, White Paper30000 words$5.00Paid per hourSearch information on the internet and submit it in Excel.
8/16/2018American Way - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing, Reported Story$1.00Paid per word$1/word FOB assignments
8/16/2018Crasat Lifting System - OtherDigital, Design, Interactive Infographic$250.00Paid flat rateConvert a program from VB6 to VB.NET
8/16/2018Eaton - Energy and IndustrialBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Copywriting$75.00Paid per hour
8/16/2018GuestHook - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Copywriting400 words$35.00Paid flat rate
8/16/2018Young Living - OtherDigital, Writing, Copywriting5000 words$0.30Paid per word
8/16/2018Canada's Top 100 Employers - BusinessBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story600 words$377.29Paid flat rateOpen to writers based in Canada.
8/16/2018Bon Appétit magazine - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing, Reported Story600 words$250.00Paid flat rate600-word reported, researched piece. Some of the best editing I've ever experienced. Relatively prompt payment.
8/16/2018Self - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing, Blog Post1000 words$200.00Paid flat rateThe Conde Nast ePayables system is useful, but relies on a lot of moving parts to get the payment actually settled
8/16/2018The Outline - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Essay1500 words$0.50Paid per word
8/16/2018Women's Health magazine - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$200.00Paid flat ratePayment isn't that prompt, but the editorial staff is in upheaval with Hearst buying Rodale, so I've had 5 editors in fewer than 9 months. Some editing changes my voice completely, inserts cringe-worthy lingo and never lets me look at it post-edit, pre-publish. But I was able to negotiate a tiny bit on pay.
8/16/2018HEATH - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post1300 words$200.00Paid flat rateMy rates vary depending on research required.
8/16/2018Frommer Guides - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing18000 words$2,520.00Paid flat rateExcellent editing; good overall experience
8/16/2018showtheLOVE - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Design, Website Design$45.00Paid per hour
8/16/2018PatientPop - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, Copywriting3500 words$300.00Paid flat rateMonthly pay via Namely
8/16/ - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story900 words$300.00Paid flat rateVery easy to work with. Minimal edits.
8/16/2018OZY - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$500.00Paid flat rate
8/16/2018Business News Daily - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post1500 words$250.00Paid flat rate
8/16/2018SEMrush - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post1750 words$385.00Paid flat rateI've learned to factor in my own overhead -- self-insurance & 1099 tax liability -- when quoting. If the contractor is worthwhile, you should not be questioned. If they go w/a lowball, don't despair. That means you've started to value your time and work, and it's a client you can do without in THE LONG TERM.
8/16/2018Petful - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, Blog Post800 words$45.00Paid flat rateEditor Dave Baker is extremely fair.
8/16/2018PetPace - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, Blog Post1000 words$70.00Paid flat rateHighly SEO targetted
8/16/2018Culture Trip - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post800 words$10.00Paid flat rateIf an article can be copy edited in less than 30 minutes, this rate is acceptable for my needs. However, often times, the articles take 45-75 mins to edit, so articles need to be carefully chosen to make sure the dollar per minute isn't being stretched too thin.
8/16/2018Next Avenue - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Essay1100 words$200.00Paid flat rateEasy to work with.
8/16/2018Red Cat Marketting - Advertising and MarketingDigital, Writing, Blog Post1500 words$0.07Paid per wordGreat employer
8/16/2018Next Tribe - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Essay1100 words$300.00Paid flat rateThey made edits without telling me :(
8/16/2018Vet Times - Healthcare and MedicalPrint, Writing, Reported Story800 words$300.00Paid flat rateArticles relating to veterinary science, animal health, and business
8/16/2018A single-page technical/chemical PR piece for the manufacturer's website. - Energy and IndustrialDigital, Writing600 words$375.00Paid flat rateI determined my rate based on 1). technical and chemical content, 2). I hold two masters degrees plus a BS in chemistry. 3). four decades of experience in writing, editing, creating, 4). 18-year working relationship with client; they trust me and now simply say "send me your invoice" without even asking for a quote or questioning my fees, 5). PR value of the finished copy.
8/16/2018Professional resume. - BusinessBoth Print and Digital, Writing375 words$80.00Paid per hourn/a
8/16/2018Would rather not say - SportsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$40.00Paid flat rateI'd love to have a more transparent structure. Writers from poorer countries are paid poorly, sadly and their pay isn't on a par with that of those from US, UK and Canada despite the quality's being more or less the same.
8/16/2018A local chamber of commerce - BusinessPrint, Writing800 words$80.00Paid per hourn/a
8/16/2018The Nation - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story1500 words$450.00Paid flat rateEditors were receptive and great to work with, but it's been a month and I don't have my check, soooo...
8/16/2018Syria Resilience Committee - OtherBoth Print and Digital, Design, Static Infographic$456.00Paid per day
8/16/2018Lawyer Website - OtherDigital, Design, Website Design$2,000.00Paid flat rateOne of my easiest and most profitable for hours spent. Averaged $60/hour.
8/16/2018International Living - Travel and CultureBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$75.00Paid flat rateI have worked with them for fiveyears. Dependable and pay on time.
8/16/2018Velenorr - Advertising and MarketingBoth Print and Digital, Writing, White Paper1500 words$120.00Paid per pageCommunicative and approachable.
8/16/2018Grey Dog Media - Nutrition and FitnessPrint, Writing1500 words$800.00Paid flat rateThe managing editor was slow to respond on a tight turnaround and a poor communicator, and it was difficult to obtain details on conventions. They also paid me three weeks late.
8/16/2018Iberia - Love 2 Fly - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post1065 words$75.00Paid flat rateVery easy to work with
8/16/2018Time magazine - Food and DrinkPrint, Writing, Reported Story1600 words$1,600.00Paid flat rate
8/16/2018Baltimore magazine - Arts and EntertainmentBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story1800 words$650.00Paid flat rate
8/16/2018textbroker - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing, Blog Post450 words$0.02Paid per wordHorrible, terrible pay. But a job is a job and I got good experience.
8/15/2018New York Magazine - LifestyleDigital, Writing$600.00Long lead time of 6 months.
8/14/2018Undark - OtherDigital, Writing$3,000.00Travel expenses included in this rate.
8/10/2018EFNIKS - LifestyleDigital, Writing1200 words$300.00For 1200 words. Quick payment. Published on the 18th, paid on the 31st.
Went through 2 edits.
8/9/2018Undark - OtherDigital, Writing$3,000.00Expenses included.
8/9/2018Teen Vogue - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing$300.00Very quick reply in News/Politics section, but the editing was garbage. Just be prepared for bad editing and look elsewhere if you want a portfolio clip.
8/2/2018Roads and Kingdoms - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$25.00Not super fun to work with, and had to chase them for pay.
7/31/2018Pens and Needles - OtherDigital, Writing$250.00Paid flat rateEditor is very inclusive of different voices taking up digital space. Very thoughtful and skilled.
7/26/ - OtherDigital, Writing$50.00Paid flat rateMost categories are included
7/26/2018Variety - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Reported Story$150.00paid about 2 months after, some reporting
7/26/ - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Essay1200 words$300.00Their features editor is extremely interested in personal essays from POC.
7/25/2018CryptoCoin.News - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$0.10Pitched a couple of topics to Simon. Then he asked for me to write a 500 word article on one of my topics. After I wrote it, he informed me that they only pay in crypto. Then later I found out they only pay once a month. So, I've decided to let that one go.
7/12/2018Salon - NewsDigital, Writing, Essay3000 words$150.00Paid flat rateSold a 3000-word personal essay with a political bent. Picked up by Life editor. Editor was nice and no changes were made to my piece. My essay was widely viewed and shared--they got loads of advertising revenue off of me. But as of mid-June, they said they were behind on payments and would be paying freelancers and contractors as money came in. It's now mid-July (the piece was published in December) and I still have not been paid.
7/9/2018The Hoth - OtherDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$0.03Content mill. Pay scales DOWN with longer articles. $16 for 500 to $50 for 2,000 words. Easy for beginners, but some topics very niche/difficult. Pays weekly, articles processed automatically after 3 days if no requested edits.
7/1/2018The Atlantic - NewsDigital, Writing$400.00Fast reply from editor.
7/1/2018Undark - OtherDigital, Writing$2,000.00Really good editing.
6/28/2018T: The New York Times Style Magazine - OtherDigital, Writing, Essay$500.00Web feature, multiple interviews
6/27/2018Reductress - OtherDigital, Writing$10.00Paid flat rateIf you are asked to write up a selected pitch, you get $30. If your headline is used with an in-house write-up, you get $10. Writer is responsible for tracking monthly expenses on invoice and submitting at the end of the month, direct deposit clears about 5-7 days after submitting invoice. Responsive editors, clear expectations, timely compensation.
6/19/2018Harper's Magazine - LifestyleDigital, Writing$600.00No expenses, digital only, 1 photo included.
6/18/2018Teen Vogue - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing, Reported Story$300.00Easy to report story, very quick/responsive editor in the News section.
6/18/2018ThePrint - BusinessDigital, Writing$146.00Opinion piece
6/17/2018St. Louis-area University magazines - OtherPrint, Writing, Essay$750.00The rate varies depending on the university, but writing for alumni magazines around the St. Louis area can net you $300-$750 for a feature.
6/16/2018HispanoPost - Travel and CultureDigital, Video$100.00Paid flat rateExtremely abusive work conditions. Invoices go unpaid for months. They lie systematically about payments. They want you to produce a feature story worth $1200 for $100. Reporter has to shoot & edit the story and uses own equipment.
6/13/ - OtherDigital, Writing$175.00Paid flat rateDecent platform for experienced freelance writers. probably terrible for new writers, though.
6/9/2018MERGE Atlanta - OtherBoth Print and Digital, Writing$75.00
6/8/2018Declined to state - OtherBoth Print and Digital, Writing$100.00
6/8/2018University - OtherBoth Print and Digital, Writing$60.00
6/8/2018Independent Author - OtherPrint, Misc, Editing$75.00editing
6/7/2018Mortgage Company - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Blog Post$200.00Blog articles for mortgage company @ $200 per article
6/7/2018Popular Mechanics - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$350.00Worked with them for over two years and have given rate raises three times in that span. Usually responsive and edits are often solid. Work load can sometimes be tough since they want highly-sourced, researched pieces that compete with any print publication but only pay digital rates. In terms of travel, it can be frustrating when a piece clearly could benefit from it but it's rarely approved.
6/7/2018Outside magazine - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$600.00Paid flat rateThe editors are great to work with, but the magazine typically pays three months after publication, even for digital content.
6/7/2018Rock and Ice magazine - SportsBoth Print and Digital, Writing$0.25Paid per wordNiche climbing magazine with small staff of dedicated editors. Great to work with, but they have low rates for the quality of writing they seek. Typically pay 30 days after publication.
6/7/2018Silk Winds - Travel and CultureBoth Print and Digital, Writing$525.00Pleasant to work with, but multiple rounds of edits from multiple editors, some of whom clearly hadn't read the article well and made unreasonable requests.
6/7/2018Earth Island Journal - Technology and ScienceBoth Print and Digital, Writing700 words$100.00For a 700 word book review
6/7/2018Ozy - NewsDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$250.00For a 500 word piece. Slow to pay (2+ months later still haven't received)
6/7/2018Culture Trip - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$50.00Content mill. Require far too much from writers for the pay.
6/7/2018Flung - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$30.00Short 500 word piece, but slow to pay (still haven't received)
6/7/2018Austin Chronicle - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Essay$0.25Paid per wordBecause I typically write more in-depth news stories and news features, the pay is unfortunately as low as $5 an hour sometimes. They can't increase the rate for even heavily investigative pieces. I love the publication as a local institution, the editors are nice, and the work is interesting.
6/5/2018Edible Austin - Food and DrinkPrint, Writing$200.00Paid flat rateThis amounted to $7 an hour to $12 an hour depending on how involved the article turned out to be. The editor is nice to work with, although the pay is really hard to swallow. They won't increase rates to help cover mileage and travel time for an out-of-town assignments.
5/31/2018PRI - OtherDigital, Writing$250.00
5/31/2018Teen Vogue - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing, Reported Story700 words$300.00Doesn't negotiate up. $300 for 600-800 words multiple-source, reported story from overseas.
5/30/2018BQool - BusinessDigital, Writing1000 words$120.00Paid flat rateContent writers for BQool should be familiar with E-commerce and Amazon.
5/26/2018Storefront - BusinessDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rateVery low rate; they will nickel and dime you; they try to go back on agreements they've made in writing.
5/20/2018Textbroker - OtherDigital, Writing$0.01Need to know AP style and they have their own algorithm to check authors. Always thousands of articles for 1-3 star writers.
5/18/2018ConsumerSearch - OtherDigital, Writing$650.00Paid flat rateThese take much more time to research than they do to write. Payment (by direct deposit) arrives up to a month after the invoice.
5/18/2018Money Crashers - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing$0.10Paid per wordThey told me this was "more than they usually pay." Payment arrives just a few days after the invoice, but they won't let you invoice an article until it's through the editing process, which can take over a month.
5/15/2018Washington City Paper - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing$250.00Paid flat rate
5/11/2018Rolling Stone - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$150.00Worked with two different editors (both of them left since then) over course of about 18 months. One of them was great--responsive, made smart changes, was liberal with the budget (always reimbursed travel expenses, once told me to invoice for an extra $50 because he particularly liked a story), always paid on time. The other wasn't as good--slow to respond to emails, would rewrite entire paragraphs and make sloppy mistakes, terrible with payment.
5/11/2018Men's Journal - LifestyleDigital, Writing$150.00Editors were a little sloppy, but super nice guys who seemed to genuinely care about my work.
5/9/2018Megri Blog - OtherDigital, Writing$30.00Paid flat rate
5/9/2018Polygon - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$200.00Paid flat rate
5/9/2018Fashionista - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing, Reported Story$300.00Reported, fast edits, great to work with
5/8/2018BarCharts - OtherPrint, Writing8500 words$1,500.00Paid flat rateIncluded copious research. Invoices to the Editor were ignored. Did not reimburse materials. A year later, wrote to the owner and was promptly paid (for research and writing only).
5/7/2018NBC Left Field - NewsDigital, Video$4,000.00Paid flat rateInternational story for a week for 5-10 minute video. Great place to work for.
4/30/2018Virginia News Group - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing$75.00
4/30/2018Columbia Journalism Review - NewsDigital, Writing, Essay$750.00Flat fee for online feature story.
4/19/2018World Policy Journal - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing3000 words$500.00Slow to pay, very bad rate for longform articles of 3k words. Good for stories that need in depth treatment and not likely to get picked up elsewhere.
4/19/2018Fortune Knowledge Group - BusinessBoth Print and Digital, Writing$150.00
4/19/2018The Irish Times - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing$0.25Paid per word
4/15/2018POLITICO Magazine - NewsDigital, Writing2000 words$500.00Paid flat rateGood, fast and thoughtful edits for piece commissioned at 2,000 words that ended up being published at 4,000. I appreciated editor's flexibility. Paid travel expenses of about $200 on top of the $500 rate.
4/11/2018Axe Wellness - Nutrition and FitnessBoth Print and Digital, Writing$0.80Paid per wordA lot of work for little compensation. He hired more writers, so expect nepotism to take over as you keep writing the company to remind them of your existence in giving you more gigs. A great side gig, but nothing you can live off of.
4/6/2018The Irish Times - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing1100 words$184.00€150 for 1,100-word piece in Health, Parenting & Fitness supplement. Responsive editor.
3/31/2018Aliyah Media - LifestyleBoth Print and Digital, Writing1350 words$0.17Paid per wordEditor is easy to work with and open to topic/story ideas.
3/28/2018Bridal Guide - LifestylePrint, Writing2000 words$1,000.00$1,000 for 2,000 word story. editors are responsive, easy to work with. quick edits and paid on acceptance
3/27/2018New York Times - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing$0.50Paid per wordI work with the foreign desk. It's $0.50 for single byline, $0.25 for shared byline.
3/27/2018Pace - OtherDigital, Writing, Blog Post700 words$400.00Paid flat rateTerrible company and poor quality work. Takes six weeks to get paid AFTER approval on the work.
3/27/2018iCandy Radio - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$0.00Stay away.
3/27/2018Black Note - OtherDigital, Writing1000 words$400.00Paid flat rateBroke contract. Difficult to get in touch with.
3/26/2018Jr - OtherBoth Print and Digital, Design$30.00
3/22/2018Interesting Engineering - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing1250 words$40.00Paid flat rateNo negotiation on pay, fee does not reflect word count.
3/22/2018LitHub - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$200.00Relatively easy to work with, nice editors, but low pay.
3/22/2018Roads & Kingdoms - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$300.00They wanted photos as part of that fee. Negotiated up by $150. They paid fast.
3/22/2018Vice Tonic - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing$400.00Max I could negotiate up to was $400.
3/22/2018World Policy Journal - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing4000 words$500.003000-5000 words for print + digital. Very smart edits but pay isn't a lot.
3/15/20187x7 - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$75.00It was hard to get a rate out of them. When I finally said "I'll just charge you my normal $200" they came back and said their normal rate was $75 but would pay me $100.
3/14/ - Real Estate and ArchitectureDigital, Design$75.00$75 for article or external roundup, $50 for internal roundup
3/14/2018Dominican Friars - LifestyleBoth Print and Digital, Photo$500.00
3/14/2018The Atlantic - NewsDigital, Writing$300.00fast good edits, quick payment
3/9/2018The Guardian - Global Development - NewsDigital, Writing800 words$168.00Atrocious editing where the editors chop up sentences to save money, because they pay you by the word. Inserts grammatically incorrect copy into your writing. After publishing, editor will ignore invoice and any attempts to get paid. I was commissioned for an 800 word article but they only published 400 words, destroying my rate and making this the lousiest pay for an article in recent memory. Would avoid them altogether.
3/8/2018primephonic - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$55.00Seemingly small friendly company that allow for a fair amount of creativity but pay grossly under market price.
3/6/2018Crikey - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing1200 words$120.00150 Australian dollars for 1200 words. Pretty bad.
3/4/2018FastCompany - BusinessDigital, Writing$0.90Paid per wordGood rates for longform stories. Good to work with for the most part
3/1/2018Elle Parker - OtherDigital, Writing$1.00Paid per word
2/28/2018NextCity - OtherDigital, Writing$125.00Flat rate for online piece regardless of length. Prompt payment.
2/27/2018VICE Snapchat Discover Channel - NewsDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$500.00500 word mini-feature
2/23/2018Gastro Obscura - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing$425Negotiated up after offering photos.
2/17/2018Dope - LifestyleDigital, Writing$0Paid per wordI told them $0.15 per word for web was too low, so they cheekily offered me $0.20 a word- but for print. That's not a raise. They are heinously corporate and boring for what appears to be a cool, marijuana magazine
2/14/2018Al Jazeera English - NewsDigital, Writing$350.00Expects photos as part of the fee, only willing to negotiate up to $400.
2/14/2018Politico Europe - NewsDigital, Writing$497.00Thoughtful editors who really put the effort in to make the story shine. Also, very prompt payers (1 month from publication), never had to chase the finance department
2/13/2018Bustle - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Blog Post550 words$50Sex & relationship section. $50 for normal articles (~300-800 words) and $75 for 7-day "experiment" articles (e.g. "I did X every day for a week and it...)
2/9/2018Gastro Obscura - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing$500.00Negotiated up after I offered hi-res photos of a place that's hard to photography.
2/9/2018NBC News Asian America - NewsDigital, Writing900 words$300Fast edits, easy to work with, only commissions short though (800 - 1,000 words).
2/9/2018Pinwheel Content - OtherDigital, Writing$500Electronic payment w/in 30 days
2/7/2018Earther - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$400Paid by direct deposit a few days after story ran. Great to work with.
2/7/2018Offcuts - LifestyleDigital, Writing$350.00
2/7/2018IRIN - OtherDigital, Writing$350.00
2/7/2018Devex - NewsDigital, Writing$550.00
2/7/2018Columbia Journalism Review - NewsDigital, Writing$1,000.00
2/7/2018Undark - OtherDigital, Writing$1,700.00
2/7/2018BRIGHT Magazine - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing$700They don't pay this much anymore.
2/2/2018Avianca en revista (inflight magazine) - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing400 words$150.00$150 for 400 words.
2/2/2018SOMA Magazine - Fashion and BeautyBoth Print and Digital, Writing$0.01Paid per wordI LOVE writing for SOMA. I have written features for very chic, up-and-coming, artistic topics and they take pitches. email
1/31/2018Chronicle for Social Change - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story900 words$125$125 for a reported, 800-1000 word article.
1/31/2018Apartment Therapy - Real Estate and ArchitectureDigital, Writing$50
1/31/2018Cheese Connoisseur - Food and DrinkBoth Print and Digital, Writing$0.03Paid per word
1/24/2018Pacific Standard - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$3501,000-word reported piece
1/24/2018Dame - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1200 words$3001,200-word reported piece
1/24/2018Greatist - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing, Reported Story$150.00Researched and reported
1/23/2018VICE - Broadly - LifestyleDigital, Writing1200 words$3001,200 words
1/20/2018Homeland Security Today - Energy and IndustrialDigital, Writing800 words$100.00Paid flat rateLooking for stories on homeland security issues that are well-researched, are not political, and help explain a trend in security, a new technology, a State or local law enforcement, emergency management, first responder perspective.
1/19/2018ReligiousLiberty.TV - NewsDigital, Writing$0.10Fast turn around required (48-72 hours). Pays upon acceptance of article. More paid for articles requiring in-depth research.
1/18/2018Outside - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing$2,500.00Company refused to pay. 5 months after publication I had to threaten to sue. Only then did they pay.
1/18/2018OZY - NewsDigital, Writing, Essay$1,000.00This was a longer feature, the type they seem to run just once per week. Called a 'splash' piece.
1/18/2018playboy - OtherBoth Print and Digital, Writing$7,200.00
1/18/2018Al Jazeera English - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1500 words$800.001,500 word reported feature
1/18/2018AL Jazeera English - NewsDigital, Writing$1,250.00This was an investigative piece of journalism that required extensive field-work and follow-up. Company did not pay specifically for expenses, just offered a flat rate for the package.
1/18/2018Roads & Kingdoms - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$1,000.00
1/18/2018U.S. News & World Report - NewsDigital, Writing$850.00Great editing
1/18/2018Pacific Standard - NewsPrint, Writing1100 words$1,200Print piece, 1,000 to 1,200 words
1/18/2018Huck Magazine - LifestylePrint, Writing3500 words$500low pay for a 3,500 word piece. But good editing
1/18/2018The Atavist - NewsDigital, Writing$6,500.00Company did not pay for travel expenses; out-of-pocket travel cost me $1,500. Story was long-delayed due to turnover at the company. When they finally got to it, however, it was edited well.
1/18/2018VQR - Virginia Quarterly Review - Arts and EntertainmentPrint, Writing6500 words$2,750.00Article was pushed back by 6 months because editor was too overworked to get to it. But when it finally came, the editing was superb. 6,500 words
1/18/2018The New Republic - NewsPrint, Writing$188.00Article was killed AFTER it was completed, seemingly because they wanted to make more space for Trump coverage. I do not recommend working for TNR; a 25% kill fee on an article that took weeks of work is a scam.
1/18/2018Foreign Policy - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$5,500.00Extensive investigative feature reported over more than a year. Good editing
1/18/2018U.S. News & World Report - NewsDigital, Writing$1,000good editing.
1/18/2018Al Jazeera English - NewsDigital, Writing1500 words$750.001,500 words
1/18/2018Africa Renewal (UN) - NewsDigital, Writing$0.50Paid per wordTerrible editing--worst in my entire career. I do not recommend it. Took months to get paid.
1/18/2018USA Today - NewsDigital, Writing$1
1/18/2018The Nation - NewsPrint, Writing2500 words$1,000.002,500 word print
1/18/2018The Guardian - NewsDigital, Writing800 words$220.00Terrible experience. Editor assigned story at 31p per word at 800 words. For two entire weeks after I submitted it, it sat un-edited. Suddenly one night she decided to edit it, without notice, and because I didn't respond to her questions within a 45-minute period (during which i was eating dinner), she cut the piece in half and published it, thus I was given only half the pay despite having done all the work. Terrible. I suggest making them promise in writing to pay you per words commissioned--not per words published--to avoid this happening again.
1/18/2018VICE - NewsPrint, Writing, Reported Story6500 words$1.00Paid per word6,500 word reported/investigative feature
1/18/2018U.S. News & World Report - NewsDigital, Writing1200 words$1,0001200 words
1/18/2018Newsweek - NewsPrint, Writing$1,200.00Company refused to pay. After several months I had to submit a letter of intent to file a small claims lawsuit. Only then did they pay. Parent company is International Business Times.
1/18/2018National Geographic (website- NatGeo News) - NewsDigital, Writing800 words$600.00800 words
1/18/2018VICE News - NewsDigital, Writing1500 words$750.001,500 words. paid late.
1/18/2018National Geographic - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Essay2000 words$1.00Paid per word2,000 word web feature
1/18/2018Pacific Standard - NewsPrint, Writing$1.00Paid per word
1/18/2018New York Times Magazine - NewsDigital, Writing$500.00
1/18/2018VICE News - NewsDigital, Writing$750.00Story was killed after editor changed his mind about publishing a story online to coincide with a story appearing in the magazine. 50% kill fee. Be sure to demand a kill fee when negotiating with VICE news.
1/18/2018Al Jazeera English - NewsDigital, Writing1200 words$1,0001,200 words
1/18/2018VICE - NewsPrint, Writing, Essay8000 words$1Paid per word8,000 word magazine feature
1/18/2018The Diplomat - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing1500 words$300A ¥25,000 payment for a 1500 word article
1/15/2018Pacific Standard (Digital) - NewsDigital, Writing$300.00Really slow to respond after handing in draft, very slow edits, and final version looked nothing like the edited version we worked on together. In total, the editor held on to the draft for more than 2 months. No pre-approval of draft before publication, either. Generally poor and slow editing. Not worth the money.
1/12/2018Earther - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$350.00Didn't seem interested in buying photos at all.
1/9/2018AlterNet - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$300.00Reported.
1/9/2018Vice - Broadly - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Reported Story$300.00Reported.
1/9/2018Vice - Tonic - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing, Reported Story$250.00Reported.
1/9/2018Dame - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$250.00Reported
1/9/2018Healthline - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, Reported Story$215.00Reported.
1/1/2018History Collection - OtherDigital, Writing$0.03Paid per wordYou can get a bonus of $100 if you are the best writer for the month (based on click-through rate) but generally articles take quite a long time to write. Pieces are lists of 10 items and can't be more than 5,000 words.
12/21/2017Middle East Eye - NewsDigital, Writing$350.00
12/14/2017Brit + Co - LifestyleDigital, Writing$50.00
12/5/2017The Lily - NewsDigital, Writing800 words$250.00Great to work with. Very timely with edits and pay.
11/29/2017Atlas Obscura - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$500.00Fast edits, great to work with.
11/17/2017Extra Crispy - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing$200.00Fast payment through direct deposit.
11/17/2017LA Review of Books - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$0.00They don't pay. Sometimes they offer $100. Not worth it.
11/11/2017The Raddington Report - NewsDigital, Writing$0.00The publication fails to pay its writers and editors.
11/8/2017The New York Times - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing1300 words$1,600.001,300 words and 3 photos
11/8/2017Teen Vogue - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing1000 words$100.001,000-word personal essay
11/4/2017CIM Magazine - Energy and IndustrialBoth Print and Digital, Writing$0.39Paid per wordPleasure to work with. Pay promptly
11/3/2017BuzzFeed India - LifestyleDigital, Writing$200.00Not willing to negotiate rates.
10/26/2017Ravishly - LifestyleDigital, Writing$125.00Fast editor response, low rate, but no reporting required.
10/26/2017Mother Jones - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$0.00No payment for web-only stories, doesn't take freelancers for digital.
10/26/2017Pacific Standard - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$300.00Heavily reported piece, online.
10/24/2017Extra Crispy - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing$400.00Fast edits, direct deposit, little to no reporting.
10/20/2017A Beautiful Perspective - NewsDigital, Writing900 words$250.00$50 photo budget. $250 for 800-1,000 words. Editor is open to negotiating if higher word count.
10/13/2017Al Jazeera English - NewsDigital, Photo$350.00For AJE online "In Depth" - photo essay of 15 photos with 200-300 word intro. Payment received after two months via wire.
10/13/ - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing$1.00Paid flat rate
10/13/2017The Balance - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rate
10/9/2017Asia Times Online - NewsDigital, Writing$110.00Additional money possible if heavy, investigative piece. Additional photo budget available.
10/9/2017TIME Magazine - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1200 words$600.00$600 for web-only article of 1200 words, original reporting from overseas
9/29/2017Los Angeles Review of Books - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Blog Post$0.00Offered to publish news article on blog instead of main site. I declined and asked for $100 - it was rejected.
9/29/2017Women Under Siege - OtherDigital, Writing$200.00
9/23/2017Washington Post - WorldViews blog - NewsDigital, Writing$200.00Fast payment through their system. Editor was fast and easy to work with.
9/23/2017The Guardian (UK) - NewsDigital, Writing800 words$0.42Paid per word800 words commissioned, direct deposit
9/21/2017AAA Northeast (Your AAA) - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing800 words$200.00800 words
9/14/2017Skift - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story650 words$200.00650 words, interviews required
9/13/2017The Mortgage Reports - Real Estate and ArchitectureDigital, Writing750 words$250.00Paid flat rateThis is the for 750+ words. Internet research only but sources from high domain authority, noncompeting sites required. Pays Thursday by PayPal if you submit posts by Wednesday morning PST. Payment by check is an option, too. But, if you get paid via PayPal, expect to pay fees on each payment. Editor is great and very helpful.
7/30/2017Fitness - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing, Blog Post$0.03Paid per wordI do blog writing,
creative content and
SEO writing
7/25/ - OtherDigital, Writing$0.02They advertise up to ten cents per word, but routinely beg you to take work at 0.02 or below (CAD) and if you don't you never get the opportunity for fair-paying work.
6/20/2017Psychological research - OtherDigital, Writing$50.00I do photography as well.
6/17/2017MIT Technology Review - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post700 words$700.00Wrote 700-word multi-sourced piece about subject I know very well and have covered for many years. Two or three minor revisions/requests for added info. Had to negotiate to get up this high.
6/8/ - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing$200.00Well paying, but often late with payments and finance department dodges emails. Overall would not recommend.
6/6/2017Men's Journal - LifestyleDigital, Writing$175.00Editor is great. Consistent work after I developed a good relationship.
6/6/ - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rateStarted at $150 and negotiated up to $300 flat after doing some work with them; Things seem a little disorganized, paperwork and payment wasn't made crystal clear from the get-go.
5/26/2017Vocativ - NewsDigital, Writing1100 words$400.001000-1200 words, very light editing
5/8/2017World Nomads - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post525 words$1.00500 - 550 words max
5/3/2017Washington Post - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing$250.00Paid flat rateCan "negotiate" for up to $300 for basic story. Opinion piece $250 flat.
4/27/2017FinalFile - BusinessDigital, Writing$200.001 revision
4/22/2017Major Pharma Company - OtherDigital, Design, Website Design$80.00Web Portal UX Design
4/19/2017Domain (Fairfax media) - Real Estate and ArchitectureBoth Print and Digital, Writing$1,000.00Paid flat rateArticles are heavily syndicated to Fairfax's print and digital platforms with no additional payment to the writer.
Paid quickly.
4/19/2017Blitz Publications (Nourish magazine, Women's Health & Fitness magazine, Natural Health magazine included) - Nutrition and FitnessPrint, Writing$260.00Freelancers are paid one month after the magazine has been on stands, which is generally months after they originally submitted the work. Even then, this usually requires weeks, if not months, of follow up emails and calls.
Articles are reused multiple times(sometimes slightly re-written, usually not), and sometimes repurposed for online too.
4/18/2017Aeon - LifestyleDigital, Writing1600 words$250.00Comparatively very low rates but helpful and friendly editorial process
4/18/2017Nautilus - Technology and ScienceBoth Print and Digital, Writing2000 words$0.00Commissioned 2000 word piece at $1600 (in retrospect, an unusually high rate, I should have wondered!) but never published. Editor claimed a mix-up. Kill fee offered after several months negotiation but still not paid one year later.
4/14/2017Ambassador (National Italian American Foundation) - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing$350.00Paid flat rateEditor was friendly and professional. I was paid immediately upon publication as agreed. They gave my story and photos a beautiful layout.
4/13/2017Sierra Magazine - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing$250.00Paid flat rate$250 flat rate for web, but print rate varies
4/7/2017Quartz - NewsDigital, Writing1350 words$200.00flat rate, 1200-1500 words, personal commentary with some research and citation
4/7/2017Miami New Times - NewsDigital, Writing, Blog Post$20.00Paid flat ratePreview article/blog post with at least one image.
4/7/2017Miami New Times - NewsDigital, Writing, Blog Post$30.00Paid flat rateEvent review/blog post with images.
4/6/2017Parade Magazine - Arts and EntertainmentBoth Print and Digital, Writing$2,500.00Professional editors, prompt payment.
4/3/2017Brides - LifestylePrint, Writing, Reported Story$2.00Paid per wordFor print (not online), including reporting.
3/31/2017Bitch - LifestylePrint, Writing, Reported Story$100.00Office seems disorganized. Long waits for responses, followed by tight deadlines. Found out after submitting first draft that assigning editor had left the publication. After significant work and reporting, the story was not published, and I was promised a $100 kill fee. Frustrating experience.
3/24/2017Paste Magazine - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing900 words$100.00Travel section, 800-1000 words
3/23/2017nick - Arts and EntertainmentBoth Print and Digital, Video$1,000.00film
3/15/2017Cloudwards - Technology and Science, Writing$0.05Paid per word
3/7/2017Sunday Times Style - Fashion and BeautyPrint, Writing, Reported Story900 words$0.55Paid per word900-word feature; quite a bit of reporting
3/2/2017ThinkGeek - OtherDigital, Writing$30.00Paid flat rateTakes 4-6 weeks to get your first payment, so submit your invoice ASAP. Nice editors, seasonal work, expect 5-20 products per week during rush seasons.
2/17/2017Smarter World - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post$400.00Blogging tips & tricks
2/16/2017Sojourners - LifestylePrint, Writing$400.00
2/13/2017El - NewsDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rate
1/31/2017Rink Magazine - SportsBoth Print and Digital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$150.00800-word feature with reporting
1/31/2017Everyday Feminism - LifestyleDigital, Writing1000 words$75.001,000+ word piece (contributors get $100)
1/24/2017Seeking Alpha - BusinessDigital, Writing$35.00Additional $10 per 1,000 page views. Contributors who get Pro Articles approved are paid $150 flat. Pro top ideas are paid $500.
12/21/2016VICE SPAIN - NewsDigital, Writing$83.00
12/21/2016Local Palate - Food and DrinkPrint, Writing$250.00For the Notes from a Farm dept
12/14/2016Porthole Cruise Magazine - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing800 words$400.00800 words, no reporting.
12/14/2016Riverfront Times - NewsPrint, Writing, Essay$950.00Rate is for cover story features, depending on word count and complexity. Local to St. Louis, Missouri, USA area.
12/14/2016Riverfront Times - NewsDigital, Writing, Blog Post$35.00Rate is for blog posts, depending on word count, complexity and writer's seniority. Local to St. Louis, Missouri, USA area.
12/14/2016ALIVE Magazine - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing, Blog Post$25.00Rate depends on budget availability, writer's seniority and what the writer is willing to take. Rate usually is around $20 for a blog post, though they get many writers to work for free.
12/14/2016Advice Interactive Group - BusinessDigital, Writing, Blog Post350 words$0.03Advice Interactive Group allows you to choose from two pay options: $20 per hour or $12 per piece. If you choose the hourly rate, they expect you to finish at least two pieces per hour. Pieces are 300-400 words of content about roofing, vacuums, custom home building, carpet cleaning, etc. They will often assign two or more identical pieces, but each piece will be for a different client - and they expect you to write the pieces differently every time.
12/13/2016Parents,com - LifestyleDigital, Writing875 words$150.00Paid flat rate750-1000 words, including citing research studies and/or interviewing several sources.
12/13/2016Viator - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post200 words$50.00150-250 words per "attraction" written for pays $50/attraction.
12/10/2016Financial Times - BusinessBoth Print and Digital, Writing360 words$250.00360 word review
12/9/2016RootsRated - SportsDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rate
12/8/2016The Guardian USA - NewsDigital, Photo$350.00Paid per day
12/8/2016ABC News - News, Photo$350Paid per dayPrompt payment
12/7/2016Colorado Expression - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing$250Paid flat rateThe contract says payment will be made 30 days after the publication date -- after you turn in the story about six months ahead of that -- but both times I had to beg for a check at least another month after it was supposed to have been sent, so build in at least 8 months from deadline for payment. Fee is for up to 2,000 words.
12/7/2016Hoodline - NewsDigital, Writing$50.00Great publication to write for
12/5/2016World Nomads - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post550 words$165.00550 words
12/3/2016The Airstory Review - OtherDigital, Writing$400.00
12/2/2016Esports Edition - SportsDigital, Writing, Blog Post350 words$0.05Paid per wordThis client is looking for short-form content. Most submissions are 200-500 words
12/1/2016The Washington Post - NewsDigital, Writing, Blog Post550 words$300.00550 words
12/1/2016Living Northside (Atlanta Journal Constitution) - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing900 words$275.00900 words, magazine story.
12/1/2016Gastro & Endo News - Healthcare and MedicalBoth Print and Digital, Writing$0.75Paid per word
12/1/2016Extra Crispy - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing750 words$0.50Paid per word700-800 words
12/1/2016Cheapism - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Blog Post$0.15Paid per wordFor blog. Different pay scale for product reports
12/1/2016The Motley Fool - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Blog Post650 words$100.00Paid flat rate500-800 words
12/1/ - BusinessDigital, Writing$0.50Paid per word
12/1/2016Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW) - OtherPrint, Writing$1.00Paid per word
12/1/2016The Wall Street Journal - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing800 words$600.00Paid flat rate800-word essay, plus recipe. Contract (issued after publication) was work for hire.
12/1/2016The New Yorker - NewsBoth Print and Digital, Writing$1.00Paid per wordTalk of the Town
12/1/2016Refinery29 - LifestyleDigital, Writing$500.00Commissioned early 2016
12/1/2016Mint Hill Times - NewsPrint, Writing$35.00$35 per weekly article, $50 for bigger projects
11/21/2016The Wall Street Journal - NewsPrint, Writing300 words$300.00Paid flat rate300 words, sports section
11/21/2016BuzzFeed - LifestyleDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rateEssay
11/16/2016The Billfold - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing$40.00Paid flat rate
10/18/2016Mother Jones - Technology and SciencePrint, Writing1000 words$1,200.00Paid flat rate1,000 word article
10/16/2016Rebellious Magazine for Women - LifestyleDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rate$50 for essays; $25 for reviews. Chicago-based digital feminist lifestyle publication
10/9/2016Atlas Obscura - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story$200.00Paid flat rateUp to $250. $200 for a reported story, and $250 for a story and photos. Can go higher for more ambitious longform stories
10/6/2016StackCommerce - BusinessDigital, Writing$20.00Paid flat rate
10/4/2016EFE News Agency - NewsPrint, Writing375 words$75.00Paid flat rateUp to $125. $75 for 350-400 word text, $125 for 600-word text, $125 for 3-4 minutes of video broll, $125 for 6 photos
9/30/2016National Geographic Travel - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$1,100.00Paid flat rateWeb-sourced
9/26/2016Washington Post Sunday Magazine - NewsPrint, Writing$1.00Paid per wordI've freelanced for the Post's travel section (which does pay the $600 fee your site mentions) but the best money is at the Sunday magazine, which pays a lot more. From 2010 to the present, I've earned anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 for stories for the magazine, although I worked like a dog to do them
9/2/2016Civil Eats - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing$250.00Paid flat rate
9/2/2016CityLab - NewsDigital, Writing$400.00Paid flat rate
8/30/2016Rewire - NewsDigital, Writing$200.00Paid flat rateUp to $300
8/29/2016Foodable Network - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rateFor video
8/24/2016Atlas Obscura - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story$150.00Paid flat rateUp to $250. Story fee ranges but depends on scope. A lightly or online-reported story will go for $150, a story that is a bigger lift or includes photos is $250
8/20/2016Dogster - LifestyleDigital, Writing$75.00Paid flat rate
8/17/2016T: The New York Times Style Magazine - OtherDigital, Writing, Essay$100.00Paid flat rateWeb feature, translation, interview
8/11/2016Mamamia - NewsDigital, Writing$50.00Paid flat rate
7/31/2016Meredith Corp. - OtherPrint, Design$62.50Paid per hour
7/30/2016Tenya Restaurant - Food and DrinkDigital, Photo$12.00Paid per photo
7/30/2016Sterling Moving and Storage - Energy and IndustrialDigital, Writing$200.00Paid flat rateThis is for 6 Facebook posts with images, per month
7/30/2016Cox Communications - Technology and ScienceDigital, Design, Animation$80.00Paid per hourMotion Graphics
7/29/2016Nickelodeon - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Video, Animation$2,000.00Paid per weekAnimation
7/27/2016VICE News - NewsDigital, Photo$25.00Paid per photo
7/27/2016Himal Southasian - NewsDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rate
7/26/2016Visit South - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$40.00Paid flat rate
7/21/2016Southwest: The Magazine - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing$1.00Paid per word
7/15/2016Content Cavalry - OtherDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$15.00Paid flat rateAbout 500 words per article
7/14/2016Sydney Morning Herald - SportsPrint, Writing$0.50Paid per wordStandard rate for editorial freelancers
7/9/2016Nylon - Fashion and BeautyPrint, Writing$0.50Paid per word
6/26/2016SheKnows - LifestyleDigital, Writing$60.00Paid flat rate
6/26/2016FanBread - OtherDigital, Writing$20.00Paid flat rate
6/23/2016TakePart - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story3000 words$1.00Paid per word$1 per word for 3000-word feature with heavy reporting.
6/20/2016NPR's Latino USA - NewsDigital, Writing$125.00
6/9/2016Various - OtherDigital, Writing, Blog Post$150.00Paid flat rateI write blog posts and edit ebooks for various online clients using these rates: $0.13 per word, $150 flat , $45 per hour
5/23/2016Vermont Life - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$600.00Paid flat rateNot sure if rate is for digital or print. Info here:
5/10/2016Matador Network - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$60.00Paid flat rate
4/10/ - OtherDigital, Misc, Translation$0.01Paid per wordUp to $0.03. Translation
3/31/2016Columbia Journalism Review - NewsDigital, Writing$300Paid flat rateProject was killed by EiC without explanation after terrible editing process. I did get a full kill fee, however
3/31/2016Wired - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$400.00Paid flat rateWas a short, data-focused piece. Killed for space in magazine, got 1/2 the rate
3/31/2016Kill Screen - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$20.00Paid flat rate
3/31/2016Pacific Standard - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$250.00Paid flat rateReported piece
3/23/2016Trip 101 - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$10.00Paid flat rate
3/21/2016BuzzFeed - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Reported Story$2,700.00Paid flat rateReported
3/21/2016Hobby Farms - LifestyleDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat ratePlus $50 per deparment. Web-sourced. It's best if you know something about the topic at hand. They prefer expert writers and hands-on articles
3/21/2016Horticulture - LifestylePrint, Writing, Essay1500 words$500.00Paid flat rateThis is for a feature article, 1,000-2,000 words
3/21/2016Modern Farmer - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story900 words$125.00Paid flat rateIt can be web-sourced or reported. 800-1000 words
3/14/2016Seattle Weekly - NewsPrint, Writing, Essay1000 words$125.00Paid flat rateFeature length pieces range from $125-$175 depending on content. Generally, pieces are 800-1,200 words and appear in both print and digital form
3/14/2016Stat - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing$1.00Paid per wordMedical/health writing
3/3/2016Harlot Magazime - LifestyleDigital, Writing$50.00Paid flat rateUp to $65. Prioritizes marginalized writers
2/28/2016Gothamist - NewsDigital, Writing$400.00Paid flat rateLongform, digital
2/25/2016USAA News - BusinessDigital, Writing$1.00Paid per wordRates are the same for digital and print
2/24/2016Matador Network - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$20.00Paid flat rateUp to $60
2/22/2016Broke-Ass Stuart - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$10.00Paid flat rateAlso a bonus for views
2/20/2016Thrillist - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing900 words$150.00Paid flat rate800-1,000 words
2/11/ - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post$50.00Paid flat rateBlog article
1/20/2016GOOD Project Literacy - OtherDigital, Writing$500.00Paid flat rateNo extra photo budget
1/20/2016ThinkProgress - NewsDigital, Writing$250.00Paid flat rateNegotiated up for $100 and photos included from overseas. Not well-paying
1/20/2016The Atlantic - NewsDigital, Writing$200.00Paid flat rateOpen to negotiation if including hi-res photos or overseas reporting
1/12/ - BusinessDigital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$400.00Paid flat rateShort, 800-word reported story; editor was responsive and clear with direction
1/5/2016Astronomy Magazine - Technology and SciencePrint, Writing$1,500.00Paid flat rate
1/5/2016Upworthy - NewsDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rate$50 bonus
12/29/2015The Billfold - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing$30.00Paid flat rate
12/25/2015Content Magazine - OtherPrint, Writing$50.00Paid flat rate
12/16/2015CNN - NewsDigital, Writing$250.00Paid flat rate
12/16/2015Mental Floss - OtherPrint, Writing$100.00Paid flat rateFor a list
12/15/2015The Daily Beast - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$200.00Paid flat rateReported piece
12/14/2015Various - OtherPrint, Writing$50.00Paid per hour
12/10/2015Commonweal - LifestyleDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rate
12/3/2015Time Out New York - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Photo$75.00Paid flat rate
11/26/2015KTN - NewsDigital, Writing$30.00Paid flat rateWeb-souced
11/10/2015The Atlantic Health - NewsDigital, Writing$200.00Paid flat rate
11/10/2015The Guardian US - NewsDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rateMinus the wire transfer fee
11/10/2015Reuters - NewsDigital, Writing$225.00Paid flat rateI saw you had $450 as a day rate and the day rate I have had for over two years is $225. The per article rate you listed as $100, I have had $125
10/29/2015Narratively - NewsDigital, Design, Illustration$80.00Paid flat rateIllustration. For 3 images
10/28/2015Om Sai - BusinessPrint, Design$100.00Paid flat rate
10/28/2015Kicker - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$50.00Paid flat rateWeb-sourced news explainers
10/27/2015Washington Post Sunday Magazine - NewsPrint, Writing$1Paid per wordI've written 14+ articles for them including a cover story this summer, so I am well acquainted with their rates! They know $1/word is low, but they have little incentive to raise it
10/27/ - NewsDigital, Writing, Blog Post$100.00Paid flat rateUp to $350. The rates vary depending on whether you write for their religion blog ($100 flat) to their education blog, from which I managed to extract $350 for a long, complex piece. $200 flat (which is what you have on your site) is typical, but just know there's a difference depending on the topic
10/16/2015BBC News - NewsDigital, Writing$300.00Paid flat rate
10/16/2015Barry University - OtherDigital, Writing$1.00Paid per wordInterviews and web-research
10/14/2015Atlas Obscura - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing1400 words$250.00Paid flat rate$250 for a ~1,400 word post (give or take, they're flexible) plus a handful of photos on
10/11/2015TH Media (Dubuque, IA) - OtherPrint, Writing750 words$75.00Paid flat rateResearched feature stories with a minimum of two interview subjects. Minimum 750 words
10/11/2015Julien's Journal (Dubuque, IA) - LifestylePrint, Writing$0.05Paid per wordContent is distributed both digitally and in print. Payment is $0.05 per word, with no extra payment for photographs. Generous with complimentary copies
10/6/2015Nature News - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post$80.00Paid flat rateUp to $150 flat. News $0.80 word / Research Highlights $100 flat fee / Seven Days News In Brief $80 flat fee / Online Blog $150 flat fee
10/6/2015Foreign Policy - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$200.00Paid flat rateReported
10/5/2015Cleo - Technology and SciencePrint, Writing$0.60Paid per word
10/5/2015Women's Health Australia - Nutrition and FitnessPrint, Writing$0.70Paid per word
9/29/2015Vox - NewsDigital, Writing$500.00Paid flat ratePersonal essay
9/29/2015Silicon ANGLE - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$0.10Paid per wordUp to $0.12
9/10/2015VICE - NewsDigital, Writing1200 words$343.00Paid flat ratePer 1,200 words
9/10/2015The Guardian - NewsDigital, Writing1000 words$387.00Paid flat ratePer 1,000 words
9/10/2015BBC - NewsDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$311.00Paid flat rateFor 500 words
9/9/2015Think Progress - NewsDigital, Writing$200.00Paid flat rate
9/9/2015PandoDaily - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing750 words$250Paid flat rateFor shorter pieces (mine was 750 words)
9/8/2015J. Crew - Fashion and BeautyPrint, Writing$450.00Paid per day
8/21/ - OtherDigital, Writing$40.00Paid flat rate
8/21/2015Brides - LifestylePrint, Writing, Reported Story$2Paid per wordReported. I was assigned a story at this rate
8/14/2015Thrillist - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story$1,500.00Paid flat rateFor longform reporting
8/14/2015Spare Change News (Boston) - NewsPrint, Writing$25.00Paid flat rateUp to $50. Both digital and print. Flat, under 1,000 words: $25 Flat, over 1,000 words: $50
8/11/2015Atller - BusinessDigital, Writing$0.30Paid per word
8/5/2015Community Group - NewsPrint, Design$50.00Paid per hour
7/31/2015Popular Science - Technology and SciencePrint, Writing, Essay$2.00Paid per wordFeature story w/ multiple revisions
7/28/2015The National (Abu Dhabi Media Company) - NewsPrint, Writing$0.54Paid per wordAll stories appear online too
7/27/2015BeyondMVP - BusinessDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rate
7/6/2015Piccolo Universe - LifestyleDigital, Writing$80.00Paid flat rate
6/13/2015Travel + Leisure - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rateUp to $250. The website was recently overhauled and new editors brought in. Pay rates have dropped significantly from $1,000 to $250-$100
6/10/2015The New York Times, International - NewsPrint, Writing700 words$528.00Paid flat rateGreat Homes and Destinations section, 700 words
6/9/2015Latin Finance - BusinessPrint, Writing$0.70Paid per wordRate varies, but starts at $0.60-$0.70/word
6/9/2015Latin Trade - BusinessPrint, Writing$0.50Paid per word
6/4/2015Working Mother - OtherDigital, Writing$300.00Paid flat rate
5/29/2015CareerAddict - BusinessDigital, Writing$20.00Paid flat rate
5/2/2015EBSCO - OtherDigital, Writing$1.50Paid per word
4/24/2015Food & Nutrition Magazine - Food and DrinkPrint, Writing$1.00Paid per word
4/24/2015The Loop - SportsDigital, Writing$185.00Paid flat rateRates vary depending on type of gallery, but generally $250 CDN is the rate for researched slideshows of eleven photos or more (numbers in the higher teens and low twenties are preferred). In addition to writing captions, contributors are responsible for sourcing and editing photos
4/23/2015Kicker - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$50.00Paid flat rateRegular freelance. Web-sourced current events coverage
4/23/2015Fast Company - BusinessDigital, Writing$0.10Paid per word
4/23/2015SheKnows - LifestyleDigital, Writing$55.00Paid flat rateLight research, no custom photos
4/23/2015The Advocate Magazine - LifestyleDigital, Writing$25.00Paid flat rate
4/18/2015SF Chronicle - NewsPrint, Writing, Reported Story$150.00Paid flat rate600-word reported op-ed; at LEAST three sources, typically more + "How to get involved" sidebar links/info graf // Runs in BOTH Digital and Print.with reprint rights in NYTimes, et al
4/18/2015SF Chronicle - NewsPrint, Writing, Reported Story900 words$600.00Paid flat rateReported/Analysis piece. 900 words + multiple sources
4/18/2015Sacramento News & Review - NewsPrint, Writing$0.20Paid per wordNews story -- long or short -- I was paid by the word, no matter how long I was with the company (over a decade), this rate never changed, no matter how many in-depth features I turned in for them. / Articles appear in BOTH digital and print versions of paper
4/14/2015Loverly - LifestyleDigital, Writing$30.00Paid flat rate
4/14/2015Cosmopolitan - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rate
4/14/2015Brit + Co - LifestyleDigital, Writing$20.00Paid flat rate
4/11/2015Family Circle - LifestylePrint, Writing$2.00Paid per word
4/11/2015Pizza Today - Food and DrinkPrint, Writing$0.50Paid per word
4/11/2015Model Retailer - OtherPrint, Writing$0.25Paid per word
4/11/2015Boys' Life - LifestylePrint, Writing$1.00Paid per wordArchive payments once a year for digital use
4/11/2015The Bark - LifestylePrint, Writing$0.35Paid per word
4/11/2015EContent Magazine - BusinessDigital, Writing$200.00Paid flat rate
4/10/2015Hewlett-Packard - Technology and ScienceDigital, Misc, Marketing$85.00Paid per hourMarketing strategy
4/1/2015Progressive Farmer Magazine - BusinessDigital, Video$800.00Paid per dayVideography
4/1/2015Asian Scientist - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$0.17Paid per wordSometimes the digitally published articles are used for print issues! Must be dealt with by the editor
4/1/2015Fast Company - BusinessDigital, Writing$400.00Paid flat rate
3/29/2015Zaner-Bloser - OtherPrint, Writing$60.00Paid per hourCopywriting. Writing and editing curriculum materials for children
3/29/ - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Design, Website Design$20.00Paid per hourWeb design
3/29/2015Institutional Investor - BusinessDigital, Writing$500.00Paid flat rate
3/29/ - BusinessDigital, Writing$40.00Paid flat ratePlus $0.005 per page view and $0.05 per repeat visitor
3/29/2015Institutional Investor Alpha - BusinessPrint, Writing$1.25Paid per word
3/29/2015Investor's Business Daily - BusinessPrint, Writing$450.00Paid flat rate$200 for web only
3/21/2015Various - OtherDigital, Design, Website Design$3,000.00Paid flat rateWeb design
3/19/2015Trazee Travel - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post400 words$20.00Paid flat rate300-500 words
3/17/2015Vanichi Magazine - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$30.00Paid flat rate
3/16/2015The Freelancer - BusinessDigital, Writing, Reported Story$300.00Paid flat rate$200 for columns, $300 for reporting
3/16/2015IndieWire - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rate
3/16/2015Hemispheres - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing$1.00Paid per word
3/16/2015Failure Magazine - OtherDigital, Writing$50.00Paid flat rate
3/16/2015Global Traveler - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing$0.40Paid per word
3/6/2015The Guardian - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story500 words$195.00Paid flat rateReported, 500 words. £310 for 1,000 words is their rate-for-all, non-negotiable
3/6/2015The New Statesman's CityMetric - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$63.00Paid flat rateReported, 800 words
3/5/2015The Atlantic - NewsDigital, Writing$200.00Paid flat rate
2/26/2015NextCity - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story3000 words$0.50Paid per wordHeavily reported 3,000-word article
2/25/2015POLITICO Magazine - NewsDigital, Writing$500.00Paid flat rate
2/11/2015The New York Times - NewsPrint, Writing, Essay1300 words$1Paid per wordYou have a flat rate listed for the NYT, but I was paid by the word for a 1,300-word feature in the Sunday Metropolitan section. Perhaps they pay differently according to section?
2/11/ - OtherDigital, Writing$2,000.00Paid flat rate
2/10/2015Al Jazeera America - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$350.00Paid flat rateReported
2/10/2015Cleveland Clinic - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing, Essay$200.00Paid flat rateThese stories require that I interview one to two sources as experts as well as analyze abstracts from the clinical trials they are involved in, then write a feature story about it
2/10/2015Balanced Living Magazine - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing, Essay$500.00Paid flat rateThis magazine is BOTH digital and print. I write feature stories for them, which requires that I interview one or two sources whose input I include (direct and indirect quotes) in the stories
2/10/ - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rate
2/10/2015Dwell - Real Estate and ArchitecturePrint, Writing, Reported Story$1.00Paid per wordReported
2/10/2015Consumer Reports - Personal Finance and InsurancePrint, Writing$2.00Paid per word
2/10/2015Rodale - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing$200.00Paid flat rateUp to $300. Quick-hit stories for
2/10/2015Life by DailyBurn - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing, Blog Post700 words$150.00Paid flat rateStories are often longer than typical low-rate stories, usually around 600-800 words
2/9/2015TH Media - OtherPrint, Writing850 words$100.00Paid flat rate700-1,000 words
2/9/ - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rateUp to $300 flat
2/7/2015New York Magazine - LifestylePrint, Writing$1.50Paid per word
2/7/ - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$400.00Paid flat rate
2/4/2015Fast Company - BusinessDigital, Writing$0.50Paid per word
1/28/2015Eater - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing, Blog Post550 words$25.00Paid flat rate500-600 words for digital
1/28/2015Art Radar - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$25.00Paid flat rate
1/28/2015Marie Claire - Fashion and BeautyPrint, Writing$2.00Paid per word
1/26/2015sheFINDS - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing$15.00Paid flat rateUp to $30
1/26/2015Drink Me - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing$5.00Paid flat rateUp to $100
1/24/2015MoneySense - Personal Finance and InsurancePrint, Writing, Essay$800.00Paid flat rateFor back of book lifestyle features. All of the rest is written by staffers and contributing eds
1/23/2015Village Voice - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story$40.00Paid flat rate$40 flat rate for reported articles, $100 flat rate for reported "top 10" features
1/23/2015Daily Parent - LifestyleDigital, Writing$125.00Paid flat rateWeb sourced
1/22/2015USA Today - NewsDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rateFor 10Best section. A list of the 10 best [insert restaurants, neighborhoods, bars, activities]
1/15/2015LA Times - NewsDigital, Design$300.00Paid flat rate
1/14/2015LA Times - NewsPrint, Writing$250.00Paid flat rateThis is the LA Times's standard op-ed payment, I believe
1/13/2015Advertising Age - Advertising and MarketingDigital, Writing$1.00Paid per word
1/13/2015Bustle - LifestyleDigital, Writing$20.00Paid flat rate$20 for news, $40 for feature. News are web-sourced with women-centric slant, features are personal essays and listicles
1/12/2015Spin - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rate
1/12/2015The Atlantic - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$100.00Paid flat rateReported
1/12/2015The Atlantic - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$150.00Paid flat rateReported
1/12/2015Cheapism - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing$0.10Paid per word
1/12/2015Prism Magazine (ESA) - OtherPrint, Writing800 words$75.00Paid flat rate800 words
1/12/2015IndieWire - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rateThey just lowered their rates
1/12/2015Computerworld - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$1.00Paid per wordBased on my own experience. (Used to be $1.25/word!)
1/11/2015Everett Tribune - NewsPrint, Writing$40.00Paid flat ratePrint and digital
1/11/2015Modern Farmer - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story$250.00Paid flat rateReported feature
1/11/2015Chronicle of Philanthropy - BusinessDigital, Writing, Reported Story$1.00Paid per wordReported
1/11/2015Michigan Today - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story$800.00Paid flat rateReported feature
1/10/2015YRB Magazine - LifestylePrint, Writing$2,000.00Paid flat rate
1/10/2015Wired - Technology and SciencePrint, Writing$2.00Paid per word
1/9/ - LifestyleDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rate
1/9/2015The New York Times - NewsDigital, Writing, Essay$100.00Paid flat rateMotherlode blog essay
1/9/ - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Blog Post800 words$50.00Paid flat rateBlog post. 800 words plus
1/9/2015IEEE Spectrum - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story700 words$1.00Paid per wordUp to $1.50. Reported news articles and features, usually 700+ words
1/9/2015Hersam Acorn - NewsPrint, Writing$90.00Paid flat rateSubmitting for print means it will be published online for same rate inclusive
1/9/2015IEEE Spectrum - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post550 words$100.00Paid flat rateWeb sourced blog post, 500-600 words
1/9/2015IEEE Spectrum - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post$300.00Paid flat rateReported blog post
1/9/2015The Washington Post - NewsDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rate
1/9/2015IGN - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Essay$200.00Paid flat rateFeature
1/9/2015Otaku USA Magazine - LifestyleDigital, Writing$25.00Paid flat rate$.10 per word for print
1/9/ - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Reported Story$100.00Paid flat rate$150 flat for experienced writers. Mostly web-sourced with some reporting mixed in. Given constraints, they don't expect deep reporting and quotes from CEOs
1/9/2015Mental Floss - OtherDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rate
1/9/2015Modern Farmer - OtherDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rate
1/9/2015JSTOR Daily - OtherDigital, Writing, Essay$500.00Paid flat rateLongform feature
1/9/2015Houston Chronicle - NewsDigital, Writing$250.00Paid flat rateTravel
1/9/2015VICE - NewsDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rateInterview
1/9/2015Plum Deluxe - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing$30.00Paid flat rate
1/9/2015Noodle Education - OtherDigital, Writing$30.00Paid flat rateCan rise to $70. Web-sourced, occasional interviews, APA style citations
1/9/2015The Toast - LifestylePrint, Writing, Reported Story3500 words$100.00Paid flat rateLongform reported piece. 3,500 words
1/9/2015Chronicle of Higher Education Vitae - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story1400 words$200.00Paid flat rate1,400 word piece, can be reported, researched, or essay
1/9/2015Nylon - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rate
1/9/2015Refinery29 - LifestyleDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rate
1/9/2015Architectural Record - Real Estate and ArchitecturePrint, Writing825 words$850.00Paid flat rate800-850 words
1/9/2015Women In Higher Education - OtherPrint, Writing, Reported Story850 words$150.00Paid flat rate800-900 word reported piece
1/9/2015Dogster - LifestyleDigital, Writing1100 words$50.00Paid flat rateListicle of 1,100 words.
1/9/2015Ensia - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$1.00Paid per wordPay rate is same for online and print
1/9/2015TruStory Media - OtherDigital, Writing, Blog Post350 words$15.00Paid flat rateAny kind of article/interview, minimum 350 words
1/9/ - LifestyleDigital, Writing$200.00Paid flat rate
1/9/2015Surface Magazine - Fashion and BeautyPrint, Writing, Reported Story$200.00Paid flat rateReported
11/23/2014UNDP - OtherDigital, Misc, Knowledge management$400.00Paid per dayKnowledge management
11/22/2014Red Bull - SportsPrint, Design$50.00Paid per hour
11/22/2014Morgan Stanley - BusinessPrint, Misc, Business Analyst$700.00Paid per dayBusiness Analyst
11/21/2014Scholastic - OtherPrint, Design$46.00Paid per hour
11/21/2014California News Reel - NewsDigital, Video$45.00Paid per hourVideo editing
11/21/2014House of Kaizen - BusinessDigital, Writing$80.00Paid per hour
11/21/2014TheBody - LifestyleDigital, Writing$0.33Paid per wordThis is for original work - opinion, lifestyle, politics. For news items culled from other sources, I get $0.25 per word
11/21/2014NPR Affiliate - NewsRadio, Misc, Event Booking$2,000.00Event Booking
11/21/2014MGP Ltd - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Design$31.00Paid per hour
11/21/2014Pratt Institute - OtherPrint, Writing$25.00Paid per hourCopyediting. Both digital and print, on-site
11/21/2014Urban Organic - OtherDigital, Design, Website Design$2,000.00Paid flat rateWeb design
11/20/2014NPPA - OtherDigital, Design, Illustration$500.00Paid flat rateIllustration
11/20/2014WordPress - OtherDigital, Design, Website Design$60.00Paid per hourWeb development
11/20/2014Pearson - OtherDigital, Writing$45.00Paid per hour
11/20/2014C Magazine - LifestylePrint, Photo$500.00Paid flat rate
11/20/2014Atlas Obscura - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Reported Story600 words$40.00Paid flat rate600-word article and photos with light reporting
11/20/2014Disney - OtherPrint, Design$50.00Paid per hourUp to $200
11/20/2014Forbes - BusinessDigital, Video$300.00Paid per dayVideography
11/20/2014Time Inc. - NewsPrint, Writing$1.50Paid per word
11/20/2014Lifescript - Nutrition and FitnessDigital, Writing1500 words$600.00Paid flat rate1,500 words
11/20/2014Departures Magazine - Travel and CulturePrint, Design$35.00Paid per hour
11/20/2014Food Network - Food and DrinkDigital, Video$500.00Paid per dayVideo editing
11/20/2014Rizzoli International Publications - OtherPrint, Misc, Translation$0.20Paid per wordTranslation
11/20/2014Localeur - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$75.00Paid flat rateTake your own photos too
11/20/2014Yahoo! News - NewsDigital, Video$500.00Paid per dayVideo editing
11/20/2014A&E Television - OtherDigital, Video$550.00Paid per dayVideo editing
11/20/2014Hachette - OtherPrint, Misc, Proofreading$25.00Paid per hourProofreading
11/20/2014Jamestown Gazette - OtherPrint, Writing$25.00Paid flat rateAlso available online
11/20/2014MAC Cosmetics, Cole Haan - Fashion and BeautyPrint, Design$600.00Paid per day
11/20/2014European Museums - Arts and EntertainmentPrint, Misc, Translation$36.00Translation
11/20/2014Studio229 - OtherDigital, Design, Animation$5,000.00Paid flat rateMotion Graphics
11/20/2014Landmarks Preservation Commission - OtherDigital, Misc, Architecture$150.00Paid per hourArchitecture
11/20/2014The New York Times - NewsDigital, Photo$75.00Paid per hour
11/20/2014Refinery29 - LifestyleDigital, Design$450.00Paid per day
11/20/2014J.Crew - Fashion and BeautyPrint, Design$450.00Paid per day
11/20/2014Sotheby's International - Real Estate and ArchitectureDigital, Photo$150.00Paid flat rate
11/20/2014Seeds of Peace, Junior Statesman Association - LifestyleDigital, Writing$65.00Paid per hourGrant writing
11/20/2014Profile Laser - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Design, Website Design$50.00Paid per hourWeb design
11/20/2014Ohio Today - NewsDigital, Photo$200.00Paid flat rate
11/20/2014Accenture - BusinessDigital, Misc, Translation$0.15Paid per wordTranslation
11/20/2014Smithsonian Online - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Photo$200.00Paid flat rate
11/20/2014The Daily Mail - NewsDigital, Photo$50.00Paid flat rate
11/19/2014Hearst - NewsPrint, Writing$38.00Paid per hourCopyediting
11/19/2014Conde Nast - OtherPrint, Writing$38.00Paid per hourCopyediting
11/19/2014Harvard - OtherPrint, Design$500.00Paid flat rate
11/19/2014Reuters - NewsDigital, Video$450.00Paid per dayVideography
11/19/2014ABC News - NewsDigital, Video$800.00Paid per dayVideography
11/19/2014Edible Communities Magazine - Food and DrinkPrint, Writing2250 words$500.00Paid flat rate2,250 words. This is for pieces that can involve a great deal of research and many interviews
11/19/2014Freelancers Union - BusinessDigital, Design, Website Design$100.00Paid per hourWeb development
11/19/2014Major Pharmaceutical Corporation - OtherDigital, Design, Animation$100.00Paid per hourMotion Graphics
11/19/2014High-Tech Manufacturing Startup - Technology and ScienceDigital, Design, Animation$115.00Paid per hourMotion Graphics
11/19/2014Editora Atica - OtherDigital, Design, Illustration$300.00Illustration
11/19/2014Kiehl's Skincare - Nutrition and FitnessPrint, Design$60.00Paid per hour
11/18/2014Failure Magazine - OtherDigital, Writing$50.00Paid flat rateShort book review
11/18/2014Wedding - LifestyleDigital, Photo$300.00Paid per hour
11/18/2014BuzzFeed - LifestylePrint, Design$50.00Paid per hour
11/13/2014Wedding Industry Blog - LifestyleDigital, Writing800 words$75.00Paid flat rate600-1,000 words, 0-1 sources
11/13/2014Complex - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rate
11/12/2014The Atlantic - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story2000 words$150.00Paid flat rate2,000 words. Reported
11/12/2014BroBible - LifestyleDigital, Writing800 words$50.00Paid flat rateWeb-sourced, list-driven content. 600-1,000 words
11/12/2014Outside Magazine - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing800 words$250.00Paid flat rate800 words. List-driven but investigative story about international travel
11/12/2014Boston Magazine - LifestyleDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rateWeb-sourced opinion about Boston sports
11/12/2014FanSided - SportsDigital, Writing$1.00This website uses sweat shop mentality where they require that you churn out thousands of words. Please, for the sake of writers everywhere, don't let them exploit your talents
11/12/2014SB Nation Longform - SportsDigital, Writing, Reported Story5000 words$1,500.00Paid flat rateUp to $2,500. Reported with several sources. Investigative piece about sports that is about 4,000 to 6,000 words
11/11/2014The Greensheet - Real Estate and ArchitectureDigital, Writing, Blog Post800 words$80.00Paid flat rateCopywriting. 700-900 word blog post. Position canceled due to structural reorg
11/11/2014LocalVox - OtherDigital, Writing, Blog Post250 words$15.00Paid flat rate250 words
11/6/2014The Daily Mail - NewsPrint, Writing500 words$313.00Paid flat rate500 words. Wanted it in 3 days
11/6/2014Mainely Media, LLC - OtherPrint, Writing625 words$30.00Paid flat rate500-750 words. The market for freelance journalists in Southern Maine is abysmal. I am the copywriter for this company and rarely write for them because it's just not worth it
11/6/2014The Independent - NewsPrint, Writing$50.00Paid flat rate
11/6/2014Stephens Media - NewsPrint, Writing$25.00Paid flat rateVery few freelance writers want to write for the newspaper in North Carolina because the time involved in writing even a short piece because of this low pay rate
11/6/2014North Norfolk Living - LifestylePrint, Writing300 words$48.00Paid flat rate300 words
11/6/2014Your Cat Magazine - LifestylePrint, Writing1000 words$125.00No quotes or interviews just a personal travel piece involving cats. Sent my own images too
11/2/2014Brownbook Magazine - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing1000 words$250.00Paid flat rate1,000 words
10/30/2014Reuters Health - Healthcare and MedicalDigital, Writing800 words$150.00Paid flat rateAssignment was to read a medical journal article, talk to one of the authors as well as to an outside researcher, and to write the story. Usually runs between 700 and 900 words
10/30/2014The New York Times - NewsPrint, Writing$20.00Legwork
10/30/2014The New York Times - NewsPrint, Writing$0.40Paid per word$.20 per word for a shared byline
10/30/2014Reuters News - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$50.00Paid flat rateUp to $200. Reuters pays whatever it wants. Between $50 and $200 for reporting and writing a story. The fees are not determined in advance and can seem arbitrary
10/28/ - NewsDigital, Writing800 words$300.00Paid flat rate800 words. Inverviewed three sources
10/28/2014Dwell - Real Estate and ArchitectureDigital, Writing, Blog Post150 words$50.00Paid flat rate150 words. Additionally sent in 5 high-res pics with captions of 1-3 sentences for each shot
10/27/ (San Diego) - BusinessDigital, Writing$250.00Paid flat rate
10/27/2014Times Publications, Phoenix, AZ - NewsPrint, Writing, Reported Story1900 words$500.00Paid flat rateReporting, using a basic minimum of three interviewed sources. 1,800 to 2,000 word piece. flat rate, but based on that length
10/24/2014The Guardian - NewsDigital, Photo$500.00Paid per day
10/24/2014Haaretz - NewsDigital, Writing$300Paid flat rate
10/23/2014New Scientist - Technology and SciencePrint, Writing$0.63Paid per word
10/22/2014Hospitality Design - BusinessPrint, Writing, Reported Story$0.80Paid per wordReported
10/22/2014University of Pennsylvania - OtherPrint, Writing, Reported Story$1.00Paid per wordAlumni mags; reported
10/22/2014Wall Street Journal - BusinessPrint, Writing, Reported Story$2.00Paid per wordReported
10/22/ - Technology and SciencePrint, Writing$0.80Paid per wordWeb-sourced
10/22/2014Departures - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$0.30Paid per wordWeb-sourced
10/22/2014Contract Magazine - Real Estate and ArchitecturePrint, Writing, Reported Story$1.00Paid per wordReported
10/22/2014Arrive Magazine - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing, Reported Story$1.00Paid per wordReported
10/21/2014Vulture - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$200.00Paid flat rateIt's possible they've lowered the rate to $150 recently -- when I began writing there a year ago, it was $200
10/21/2014The Daily Beast - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$300.00Paid flat rateI was told the $300 is "starting rate for reported pieces"
10/21/2014IndieWire - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rate
10/21/ - LifestyleDigital, Writing$100.00Paid flat rateThe $100 flat fee is for online only
10/16/2014Super Lawyers - BusinessPrint, Writing2000 words$1,500.00Paid flat rate2,000 words. Personal profile which required talking to subject and six other sources
10/16/2014Boy Scouts, Scouting Magazine - OtherPrint, Writing2000 words$1,700.00Paid flat rate2,000 words
10/15/2014Bobit - BusinessDigital, Writing$200.00B2B article quoting numerous industry sources
10/14/2014NBCUniversal - OtherDigital, Writing$550.00Paid per dayCopywriting. This was for digital, print and on-air work for a cable network. Everything from show descriptions to tagline exploration to scripting commercials. This was the rate for intermittent projects. Additionally, I worked on retainer for them, with a guarantee of 4 days of work per week, at $450 a day for a few months.
10/8/ - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Reported Story500 words$200.00Paid flat rate400-600 words. Reported article averages $200, but I have been paid as much as $500-$700 for slightly longer (1,500-2,000 word) pieces that are attached to topical series promoting Participant Media's films, which TakePart does periodically
10/7/ - NewsDigital, Writing900 words$200.00Paid flat rateRegardless of the length of the story, short or long, that is the going rate on The average length they ask for a story is between 800-1,000 words
10/7/2014NBCNews - NewsDigital, Photo$100.00
10/7/ - NewsDigital, Writing2000 words$0.50Paid per wordStories could run up to 2,000 words, so 50 cents a word is pretty decent these days
10/6/2014New Statesman (UK) - NewsPrint, Writing600 words$219.00Paid flat rate600 words. Took about a month after publishing date to get paid
10/6/2014Mountain Magazine - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing$1.00Paid per wordPrint and digital rights. A buck a word has been the ongoing rate in the specialty magazine world for going on 20-30 years now. Which is why so many of us who worked in the field in the 80s are so pissed off, now
10/5/2014The Women's Media Center - LifestyleDigital, Writing800 words$200Paid flat rateThey used to offer $300. Current editor asks for rewrites. Piece can included one to three interviewed people. You are not allowed to cross-post anywhere, including on your own site. 800 word articles
10/5/2014The New Republic - NewsDigital, Writing800 words$150.00Paid flat rate800 words. An argumentative essay in response to The New Republic's July cover story, "Don't Send Your Kid to the Ivy League"
10/5/2014Sydney Morning Herald - SportsPrint, Writing, Reported Story$0.49Paid per wordReported feature for supplements
10/5/2014TruStory Media - OtherDigital, Writing, Blog Post350 words$15.00Paid flat rateMinimum 350 words. Web-sourced; however, a "What's in Your..." feature that would require interviewing someone also pays the same $15 flat rate
10/5/2014The New York Times - NewsPrint, Writing, Reported Story$1.00Paid per wordReported with interviews
10/4/2014UN Dispatch - NewsDigital, Writing, Blog Post400 words$40Paid flat rate400 word post
10/4/2014School Library Journal - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story500 words$150.00Paid flat rate500 words, original sources
10/4/2014Vocativ - NewsDigital, Writing, Blog Post400 words$300.00Paid flat rate400 words, heavy editing for their 'voice'
10/3/2014SmartBear Software - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post$1.00Paid per wordSome $500 per-blog-post flat rates as well
10/2/2014HackerRank - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post$250.00Paid flat rateBlogging
9/30/2014Gawker Media - OtherDigital, Writing800 words$300.00Paid flat rate800 words, websourced
9/30/2014Redesign Revolution - Real Estate and ArchitectureDigital, Writing, Blog Post350 words$15.00Paid flat rate200-500 words. Web sourced
9/29/2014BuzzFeed - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Reported Story5000 words$1,600.00Paid flat ratePlus travel expenses. 5,000 word story with rigorous reporting
9/29/2014American City Business Journals - BusinessPrint, Writing875 words$150.00Paid flat rate850-900 words plus an info box
9/29/2014Meredith - OtherPrint, Writing, Essay$2.00Paid per wordThis seems to be standard pay for features and department pieces in several Meredith publications I've written for
9/29/2014Women in the World - OtherDigital, Writing$150.00Paid flat rateFor Women in the World's digital site, in conjunction with The Daily Beast at the time. I was working from out of the U.S.
9/28/2014Hearst Digital Media - OtherDigital, Writing$50.00Paid flat rateUp to $100. Websourced. Original reporting will give you more
9/28/2014The New York Times - NewsPrint, Writing$200.00Paid flat rateSports section
9/28/2014Washington Post Style Section - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing$350.00Paid flat rateCeiling of 2,000 words
9/28/2014The New Yorker - LifestyleDigital, Writing$250.00Paid flat ratePrint is more
9/28/2014Buzzfeed - LifestyleDigital, Writing$300.00Paid flat rate
9/26/2014The New York Times - NewsPrint, Writing, Reported Story975 words$1,000.00Paid flat rateReported column ranging from 850 to 1,100 words. Contract requires selling all rights. Content is then distributed liberally through the NY Times Syndicate, with no additional compensation
9/25/2014Bustle - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Blog Post450 words$20.00Paid flat rate400-500 words. Web sourced, seoptimized
9/25/2014Refinery29 - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Reported Story$200.00Paid flat rateReported
9/25/2014Bustle - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Reported Story$50.00Paid flat rateReported
9/24/2014The Week - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$100.00Paid flat rate~1000 words, some reporting (2 phone calls) and some web research for background
9/23/2014Variety - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$150Paid flat rateGenerally for a web-only piece (event coverage, panel at a film festival/event, etc.) there isn't a strict word limit
9/23/2014Variety - Arts and EntertainmentPrint, Writing$1Paid per wordUsually runs digital as well.
9/23/2014ICG Magazine - Arts and EntertainmentPrint, Writing$0Paid per wordUsually runs digital as well
9/23/2014ICG Magazine - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$0.25Paid per wordFor web exclusive
9/23/2014The Gothamist - NewsDigital, Writing1100 words$175.00Paid flat rateAround 1,100 words with three sources quoted in piece. There was two revisions. The editor dangled a meager carrot, saying they usually pay $175 but this piece could be worth $200. Then the check arrived and it was $175. I will say they were quite timely in their payment. The check arrived the day after I submitted my invoice.
9/23/2014MTV Iggy - Arts and EntertainmentPrint, Writing950 words$200.00Paid flat rateThe editor doesn't require much. She usually likes the pieces to run 800-1,100 words and have at least one quote. Also should note, they are terrible about paying you. The checks come but often months after the invoice and piece has been submitted. There has also been two incidents where I've had to re-submit my invoice for some unknown reason.
9/23/2014USA Today - NewsPrint, Writing775 words$300.00Paid flat rate700 to 850 word piece for a special suplement section for sports
9/22/ (SPAIN) - NewsPrint, Writing, Reported Story800 words$42Paid flat rateReported. Web-sourced. Any kind of content. 800 words per article
9/22/2014Washington Post - NewsPrint, Writing, Reported Story$600Paid flat rate$600 per cover story/$300 per short inside column. Reported
9/22/2014Bankrate - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Reported Story$1Paid per wordReported
9/22/2014The Believer - LifestylePrint, Writing6000 words$300Paid flat rateFor 6,000 word interview
9/22/2014Guardian Liberty Voice - NewsPrint, Writing$300Paid flat rate
9/22/ - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Blog Post$50Paid flat rateFor "Eat Like a Man" blog
9/22/2014Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine - Healthcare and MedicalPrint, Writing1250 words$250Paid flat rate1,000-1,500 words. Two to three professional sources plus one "real person" source
9/22/2014Texas Highways - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing$1Paid per wordAlso appears in digital format
9/22/2014Joint Commission Resources - Healthcare and MedicalPrint, Writing1200 words$551,200-word article. Maximum 12 hours. Each article involved interviewing between 2-4 sources.
9/22/ - OtherDigital, Writing$300Paid flat rate
9/22/2014New Relic - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post500 words$300Paid flat rate500 words. Based on list of questions sent via email
9/22/ - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post125 words$100100-150 words per final slide
9/22/2014The New York Times - NewsDigital, Writing, Blog Post$100Paid flat rateMotherlode blog
9/22/2014GovLoop - NewsDigital, Writing$75Paid flat rateWeb-sourced
9/22/2014Make A Living Writing - OtherDigital, Writing$50Paid flat ratePersonal experience essay
9/22/2014Independent Restaurateur - Food and DrinkPrint, Writing$50Paid flat rateBusiness profile on restaurant owner
9/22/2014VendHQ - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post$100Paid flat rateWeb-sourced, reported blogging
9/22/ - LifestyleDigital, Writing$75Paid flat rateLongform, websourced
9/22/2014Seattle Globalist - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Reported Story$50Paid flat rateReported article
9/22/2014HDVideoPro - Arts and EntertainmentPrint, Writing1625 words$1,000Paid flat rate1500-1750-words, must gather photography as well
9/22/2014HDVideoPro - Arts and EntertainmentPrint, Writing1250 words$750Paid flat rate1250-words, must gather photography as well
9/21/2014Sanctuary Asia - Technology and SciencePrint, Writing$0Paid per word1 rupee
9/21/2014Nature India - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story$0Paid per word5 rupees. Reported
9/21/ - NewsDigital, Writing$53Paid flat rate
9/21/2014Narratively - NewsDigital, Writing1000 words$200Paid flat rate1,000 words. They pay between $100-$300 for 500-2,000 words
9/21/2014Washington Post - NewsDigital, Writing800 words$150Paid flat rateWeb-sourced mostly, about 800 words. Life-style focus/opinion.
9/21/2014Banking Technology - BusinessPrint, Writing$1Paid per word
9/21/2014Insight on Business - BusinessPrint, Writing$200Paid flat rateUsually 3 to 5 sources
9/21/2014The Banker - BusinessPrint, Photo$400
9/21/2014Midwest Energy News - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story$550Paid flat rateReported
9/21/2014ecoRI News - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story600 words$100Paid flat rateReported, 500-700 words
9/21/2014Helium Content Source - OtherDigital, Writing$45Paid flat rateWebsourced, confidential clients
9/21/2014Yale University - OtherDigital, Writing, Reported Story$50Paid per hourReporting, editing, content curation
9/21/2014Energy Points - Energy and IndustrialPrint, Writing$45Paid per hourGhostwriting. Based on notes
9/21/2014Idea Grove - BusinessDigital, Writing, Blog Post550 words$100Paid flat rate500-600 words. Blog writing for different companies
9/21/2014Everyday With Rachael Ray - Food and DrinkPrint, Writing, Reported Story$2Paid per wordReported content, heavily edited
9/21/2014AAA's Northern New England Journey - Personal Finance and InsurancePrint, Writing$1Paid per word
9/21/2014Hemispheres Magazine - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing$1Paid per word
9/21/2014Minneapolis Star Tribune - NewsPrint, Writing$400Paid flat rateTravel, includes photos
9/21/2014Consumer Reports - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing$1Paid per wordUp to $1.50. Shorter stories (typically under 500 words) that relied on web sources were typically $1 per word. Longer pieces (around 1,000 words) that required a lot of reporting were $1.50 per word
9/21/ - BusinessDigital, Writing, Reported Story2000 words$400Paid flat rateArticles/columns required a lot of reporting and research. Appeared online at and in print in The Wall Street Journal Sunday. Online versions are around 2,000 words, while print versions were about 1,000 words.
9/21/2014Dot429 - BusinessDigital, Writing850 words$35Paid flat rate500-1,200 words
9/21/2014Global Traveler - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing, Blog Post400 words$175Paid flat rate400 word travel feature. Global Traveler is very clear and up-front about the pay rate and writers are paid promptly
9/21/2014Global Traveler - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing, Essay800 words$350Paid flat rate800 word travel feature
9/21/2014Frontiers LA - LifestylePrint, Writing, Essay1000 words$150Paid flat rate1,000-word travel feature
9/21/2014Metrosource - LifestylePrint, Writing, Essay1500 words$300Paid flat rate1,500 word travel feature
9/21/2014Instinct - OtherPrint, Writing, Essay2000 words$300Paid flat rate2,000 word travel feature
9/21/2014Grand Editorial - LifestylePrint, Writing, Essay1200 words$525Paid flat rate1,200-word travel feature. This assignment was part of an advertising supplement that was included with the print edition of the magazine
9/21/2014Consumers Digest - Personal Finance and InsurancePrint, Writing$1Paid per wordThey gave me the word count up-front and told me it would be $1 per word, but if I went over word count, I wouldn't be paid more
9/21/2014IHS - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story$2Paid per wordReported article for company marketing publication
9/21/2014Navigator Publishing - Technology and SciencePrint, Writing, Reported Story$0Paid per wordReported
9/21/2014Journal Communications Inc. - OtherDigital, Writing, Blog Post650 words$175Paid flat rate650 words, multiple source story with sources supplied
9/21/2014PTC - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$2Paid per word
9/21/2014Vanity Fair - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$550Paid flat rateConducted 1 interview
9/21/2014Verily - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post300 words$50Paid flat rate300 word personal nonfiction
9/21/2014Etsy - OtherDigital, Writing$300Paid flat rateCurated products & researched studies
9/21/2014Forbes - BusinessDigital, Writing, Reported Story$625Paid flat rateCategory research and reporting
9/21/2014U.S. Green Council - OtherDigital, Writing$1,000Paid flat rateInterviews and category research
9/21/2014IndieWire - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Blog Post750 words$150Paid flat rateThis is for the main website, as each separate blog have their own prices, usually lower. They're not super strict about word count, but hover somewhere around 500-1000 depending on event/subject
9/21/2014IndieWire - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$20Paid flat rateThey admitted to this being a terrible rate, but say they're still new and are trying to get their footing
9/21/2014Paste Magazine - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing750 words$50Paid flat rateWord count hovers around 500-1,000 depending on event/subject, but they're not picky about it. This rate is for interviews/Q&As/event coverage/etc
9/21/2014Travel + Leisure - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing$2Paid per word
9/21/2014Travel + Leisure - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing1425 words$1,000Paid flat rateTravel + Leisure online's slideshow stories pay a flat rate of $1,000 per story, which consists of a 300+ word intro and 10-20 slides of about 75 words in length
9/21/ - Fashion and BeautyDigital, Writing, Blog Post$50Paid flat rateBlog post
9/21/2014EContent Magazine - BusinessPrint, Writing$275Paid flat rate
9/21/2014EContent Magazine - BusinessDigital, Writing$200Paid flat rate
9/21/2014CMSWire - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$125Paid flat rate
9/21/2014Womenetics - OtherDigital, Writing$100Paid flat rate
9/21/2014Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles - Real Estate and ArchitecturePrint, Writing600 words$400Paid flat rateAssignments are about 600 words
9/21/2014Flower Magazine - LifestylePrint, Writing700 words$450Paid flat ratePrint articles are about 600-800 words
9/21/2014Four Seasons Weddings - LifestyleDigital, Writing$250Paid flat rate
9/20/2014Central Oregon Magazine - Travel and CulturePrint, Writing$0Paid per wordLocal travel and food articles
9/20/2014The Next Web - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story1300 words$200Paid flat rate600-2,000 word articles. A mixture of web-sourced and original reporting
9/20/ - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$3Paid flat rate
9/20/2014CNN - NewsDigital, Writing$250Paid flat rateHealth section. One interview and several print sources
9/20/2014Woman's World - LifestylePrint, Writing$500Paid flat rate
9/20/2014Career Addict - BusinessDigital, Writing$20Paid flat rateArticles have to be longer than 500 words
9/20/2014SheKnows - LifestyleDigital, Writing$70Paid flat rateMostly opinions on current events. Very little research
9/20/2014The Telegraph (UK) Stella Magazine - NewsPrint, Writing, Essay1400 words$750Paid flat rate1,400 words. Researched feature
9/20/2014LUXE Magazine - Real Estate and ArchitecturePrint, Writing$1Paid per wordPhoto captions are not included in the $1-per-word rate
9/20/2014Telegraph (UK) - NewsPrint, Writing, Essay750 words$313Paid flat rate750 words. First person feature
9/20/2014The Chambersburg Public Opinion - NewsPrint, Writing$50Paid flat rate$50 per piece regardless of size, $10 flat fee for all photos combined
9/20/2014The Toast - LifestyleDigital, Writing3000 words$100Paid flat rateLongform, 3,000+ Words
9/20/2014Slate - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$100Paid flat rateScience & Health division. This seemed low to me but it was my first piece for them so I went with it
9/20/2014Chronicle Vitae - OtherDigital, Writing$200Paid flat rate
9/20/2014Lhyme - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing, Blog Post250 words$0Paid per word250 words. Content is almost entirely web-sourced
9/20/2014The New York Times - NewsPrint, Writing1000 words$700Paid flat rate1,000 words. It required plenty of quotes from different sources. The photographs were taken by a professional. They purchased first global rights but the contract included a 1-month exclusivity period in which I could not re-sell the article. I didn't think one month was that big a deal when I submitted the contract, but lord was I wrong. Through the NYT syndicate, the article was re-sold practically everywhere in that time. Ugh!
9/20/2014Men's Journal - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Blog Post300 words$150Paid flat rate300 words, online article, with one or two sources
9/20/2014Financial Planning - Personal Finance and InsurancePrint, Writing, Reported Story$2Paid per wordReported article
9/20/ - BusinessDigital, Writing, Reported Story$1Paid per wordReported
9/20/2014Meredith Xcelerated Marketing - OtherPrint, Writing, Reported Story$2Paid per wordReported
9/20/ - OtherDigital, Writing$15Paid flat rateListicle, 15+ images
9/20/2014Today - NewsDigital, Writing$150Paid flat rateUp to $300. Approximate rate for a roundup or reported lifestyle story, depending on complexity and reporting involved
9/20/2014BuzzFeed - LifestyleDigital, Writing$100Paid flat rateRound-up, no reporting
9/20/2014Vegas Seven - Arts and EntertainmentPrint, Writing700 words$100Paid flat rateOwed thousands in back pay, numerous freelancers owed money more than 6 months late. 700 word Q&A
9/20/2014World Bank Group - BusinessDigital, Misc, International Development$110Paid flat rateInternational development
9/20/2014ESPN - SportsDigital, Design, Animation$300Paid per dayMotion Graphics
9/20/2014The Bark - LifestylePrint, Writing, Reported Story$0Paid per wordMore if rush, otherwise standard; reported
9/20/2014Parents - LifestylePrint, Writing$2Paid per word
9/20/2014The Toast - LifestyleDigital, Writing$50Paid flat rateEssay
9/20/2014Daily Parent - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Reported Story750 words$150Paid flat rateLight reporting, about 750 words
9/20/2014Oculus Publishers - OtherDigital, Writing$0Paid per wordWeekly ghostwriting project
9/20/2014The Atlantic - NewsDigital, Writing$250Paid flat ratePersonal essay with some research
9/20/2014Investopedia - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing$300Paid flat rateShort article
9/20/2014Investopedia - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing, Blog Post$100Paid flat rateBlog post
9/20/2014More Magazine - LifestylePrint, Writing$2Paid per word
9/20/2014Better Homes and Gardens - Real Estate and ArchitecturePrint, Writing$2Paid per word
9/20/2014McMurry - OtherPrint, Writing$1Paid per wordHospital newsletters, never any rewrites. Lower than my usual per word rate but super easy
9/20/2014CrowdSource - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Blog Post100 words$1Copyediting. Articles were 100 words
9/20/2014Wall Street Journal, Greater New York - NewsPrint, Writing$30Paid per hour
9/20/2014Devex - NewsDigital, Writing$1Paid per word
9/20/2014Thrillist - Travel and CultureDigital, Writing$100Paid flat rateEvery city's freelancer gets $100 for round-up lists and $25-$100 for weekend play books
9/20/2014Americaeconomia - NewsPrint, Writing$500Paid flat rate
9/20/2014Shmoop - OtherDigital, Writing3000 words$5Paid per hourThis company is exploitative, cheap, and lacking in editorial standards. I wrote for Shmoop's "Careers" section. The rate was $100-$150 for 3,000 words. Avoid this place like the plague. It has this California "feel-good" veneer but it is actually a sweatshop in the sunshine.
9/20/ - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing$35Paid per hourOngoing, full-time gig
9/20/2014ScienceNetwork WA - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing, Reported Story400 words$1Paid per wordOne interview, 400 word hard news story
9/20/2014Huffington Post Canada - NewsDigital, Writing$150Paid flat rateListicle format, requiring either no interviews or one
9/20/2014CityLab - NewsDigital, Writing$325Paid flat rate
9/20/2014AudioFile - Arts and EntertainmentPrint, Writing125 words$10Paid flat rate125 words, print or digital
9/20/2014Natural Awakenings DC - Nutrition and FitnessPrint, Writing$50Paid flat rateLocal profile article for the DC metro area edition. Appears in print and online
9/20/ - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Blog Post250 words$150Paid flat rate200-300 word review or single source article
9/20/2014Narratively - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story2500 words$150Paid flat rate2,500 words. Foreign reported feature with photos, no expenses paid
9/20/2014VICE - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story1000 words$150Paid flat rate1,000 word reported feature in a hazard zone, with pictures
9/20/2014BBC News - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story800 words$441Paid flat rate800-word reported story, multiple sources with pictures
9/19/2014Ocean Home Magazine - Real Estate and ArchitecturePrint, Writing450 words$400Paid flat rate450 words, five sources
9/19/2014Eating Well Magazine - Food and DrinkPrint, Writing, Reported Story500 words$550Paid flat rate500 words. Several interviews and one revision
9/19/2014Grantland - SportsDigital, Writing$150Paid flat rate
9/19/2014Pacific Standard - NewsDigital, Writing$250Paid flat rate
9/19/2014Wall Street Journal - BusinessPrint, Writing$1Paid per word
9/19/2014xoJane - LifestyleDigital, Writing$50Paid flat rate
9/19/2014Paste Magazine - Arts and EntertainmentDigital, Writing, Blog Post$50Paid flat rateBlog post
9/19/2014The Atlantic - NewsDigital, Writing, Essay$250Paid flat rateEssay
9/19/2014Civil Eats - Food and DrinkDigital, Writing, Reported Story$200Paid flat rateReported
9/19/2014Women's Health - Nutrition and FitnessPrint, Writing, Reported Story$2Paid per wordReported with web-sourced health studies
9/19/2014The Atlantic - NewsDigital, Writing, Reported Story$150Paid flat rateLong-ish form, highly reported piece which was pitched as a completed piece but required several more days of reporting and calls and sustained heavy edits
9/19/2014Daily Parent - LifestyleDigital, Writing, Reported Story$100Paid flat rateReported
9/19/2014The Cauldron - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$50Paid flat rateTries to get writers to do an unpaid "trial period" but can be negotiated. Have heard it's up to $150 now, but not certain
9/19/2014Humana - Personal Finance and InsuranceDigital, Writing$350Paid flat rateUnder 700 words. Web-sourced, but acquired images from sources
9/19/2014Verizon - Technology and ScienceDigital, Writing$400Paid flat rateWeb-sourced, lists and features, under 700 words
9/19/2014Hearst - NewsPrint, Writing$300Paid per dayMarket editor
9/19/2014Niche Media - LifestylePrint, Writing$1Paid per word
9/19/2014Hearst - NewsDigital, Writing$400Paid flat rateUsually with slideshow of 10-100 items
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