Quiz: What Type of Freelancer Are You?

By Jordan Teicher February 2nd, 2015

Are you the freelancer who wears pajamas all day? Do you do most of your work in a coffee shop and have a not-so-subtle addiction to caffeinated beverages? Do you talk to your refrigerator when nobody else in around?

When I was freelancing full-time, my answers were yes, no, yes. I’m proud to say I never got hooked on coffee–hate the taste. Not as proud to say my crappy old refrigerator became a confidante that got to hear all my hopes, dreams, and bad article ideas.

While the rest of the working world has their assumptions about what it’s like to be a freelancer, those who actually identify as self-employed creatives know we’re not all the same. It’s true some of us wear sweatpants the way bankers wear pinstripe suits, but there are many, many freelancers out there who like to put on jeans and dress pants and shirts with collars. Maybe some of us like to mix it up and wear sweatpants with dress shirts. If we’re going to get stereotyped, we might as well do it to ourselves, right? With that in mind, we decided to build a quiz about some idiosyncrasies freelancers can relate to.

Thanks to our social media editor Kieran Dahl for doing a lot of the dirty work with this (and making sure there were numerous references to The New Yorker). Also, a well-deserved shoutout goes to the folks at Qzzr who built this easy-to-use quiz creator.

Without further ado, quiz away.

Image by Alpha Spirit
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