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Add your creative work to your portfolio: articles, blog posts, copywriting, photography, design, video—anything that speaks to your niche and expertise. Check out these great tips.

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Our team will review your previous work to see if you’re a good fit for a client. If you don’t hear from us right away, continue adding new work. Our clients’ needs change every day, and you might be a good fit in the future.

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"Contently's created a platform that allows creatives to showcase
their talents in a way that's user-friendly for freelancers. Being able
to update a reel or portfolio with only a few clicks and reach new
prospective clients makes the process seamless."

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Freelancers get assigned to projects based on how well their portfolio matches a client's needs. We work with brands across industries, especially in the areas of finance, healthcare, travel, and enterprise technology.

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Once you're on a client's team, you'll be able to pitch to editors and accept assignment briefs. On Contently, you can work on everything from reported stories and case studies to infographics, photoshoots, and
video productions.

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The moment you submit your work, you'll be credited with payment in your Contently account. As soon as it shows up, you can cash out to your PayPal account.

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The more content you pitch, deadlines you meet, and stories you tell (well), the better Contently and our clients get to know you. That means you'll be top-of-mind when the next client comes looking for a talented contributor.

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