Feature • February 26th, 2015

Why Freelancers Should Spend More Time on Social Media in 2015

By Julie Schwietert Collazo

Some people may be trying to spend less time distracted on social media this year, but for freelancers, staying active on networks like Facebook and Twitter is one of the smartest moves they can make.

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Feature • February 19th, 2015

10 David Carr Quotations to Always Remember

By Joe Lazauskas

Celebrate the man's life, words, and ideas with 10 quotes that are better and more badass than anything any of us will ever say or write.

Feature • February 18th, 2015

How Sitting Ruins the Body (And What You Can Do to Fix It)

By Joey Held

You should probably go ahead and stand up while you read this—by the end, you may never want to sit again.

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