Feature • January 29th, 2015

Gothamist Just Made an Open Call for Pitches. Here’s What They Want

By Michael Tunney

For a lot of freelancers, the problem isn't coming with ideas, it's finding a place that wants to publish those ideas.

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Feature • January 28th, 2015

Ask A Freelancer: Can I Quit My Full-Time Job and Freelance For My Employer?

By Nicole Dieker

To justify the switch, you are going to have to walk into that meeting ready to hit your employer with some persuasive reasoning.

Feature • January 23rd, 2015

8 Reasons Why You Should Raise Your Rates Before January Ends

By Karen Martinez

We all want to earn more money, but for the freelancers who are seriously seeking a raise, knowing why January is the right time to ask can make all the difference.

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