Feature • August 19th, 2014

Ask A Freelancer: How Do You Stay Organized?

By Nicole Dieker

The spreadsheet: It's my most important asset as a freelancer.

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Feature • August 18th, 2014

Back to School: The Benefits of Freelance Writing Courses

By Kylie Jane Wakefield

Each day, you go through a routine of working in coffee shops, pitching stories, conducting interviews, and writing. It's very easy to get comfortable in that routine and forget about innovating, learning new skills, and building new relationships. Fortunately, there are courses popping up in cities across America that don’t take place in traditional classroom settings.

Feature • August 15th, 2014

When Should You Turn Down Freelance Work?

By Yael Grauer

One of the greatest benefits of freelancing is something that many writers don't take advantage of nearly enough: the freedom to turn down work.

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