Feature • March 4th, 2015

2 Ways to Find Financial Stories Most Writers Aren’t Covering

By Tim Beyers

Miscreants bank on reporters not having the time or the will to dig through mountains of paper. Disappoint them. You're a freelancer, after all, and it's your job to go where the stories are.

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Feature • February 27th, 2015

10 Sarcastic Comebacks for When People Question Your Freelance Life

By Michael J. Solender

No matter how many times I hear these misconceptions, a part of me still hates them. Here, my fellow freelancers, are the most asinine of questions about what we do, plus some ready responses free of charge. Who said freelancing doesn't come with benefits?

Feature • February 26th, 2015

Why Freelancers Should Spend More Time on Social Media in 2015

By Julie Schwietert Collazo

Some people may be trying to spend less time distracted on social media this year, but for freelancers, staying active on networks like Facebook and Twitter is one of the smartest moves they can make.

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