Feature • September 23rd, 2014

Ask A Freelancer: Should I Make Sure My Sources Are Available Before I Pitch?

By Nicole Dieker

If you want to interview Ryan Gosling about his first days of fatherhood, you should lock him down first. If you want to write an article about the first days of fatherhood and use Gosling as a hook in your lede, then you're probably safe finding people to interview after an editor accepts the story.

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Feature • September 22nd, 2014

4 Tips for Cashing in as a Personal Finance Writer

By Susan Johnston

Money can be a taboo topic, but it’s an important one that impacts almost every decision we make.

Feature • September 17th, 2014

Fiverr, BuckMeUp, and the Future of the $5 Freelance Economy

By Aubre Andrus

When it comes to online job marketplaces, many freelancers are weary they'll only find low-paying gigs. So when Fiverr, a site that lists an overwhelming number of $5 jobs, got another $30 million in funding, some freelancers shook their heads. Who can survive on $5 per gig?

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