Feature • October 1st, 2014

How LinkedIn Can Help You Find Sources and Break Stories

By Yael Grauer

If you’ve written off LinkedIn as the type of professional tool that’s only useful for job seekers, you might be surprised by what else the business oriented-site can help you do. LinkedIn offers a lot of perks for journalists, and combining these freebies with some good old-fashioned elbow grease can help you level up your reporting skills.

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Feature • September 29th, 2014

Bill Nye’s Return to the Spotlight, a Scientific Debate with Huge Stakes, and the Writer Who Told the Story

By Ryan Bradley

In the back of my mind, I had a big, potentially unanswerable question, which is essential for me before I embark on any story more than 2,000 words. I need this question because it helps me focus, particularly in the most terrifying and amorphous stage of all: when I'm finished reporting and about to start writing. I kept coming back to my reaction to the video. How (and when) did Nye become so serious?

Feature • September 26th, 2014

5 Stereotypes About Freelancers That Are Just Plain Wrong

By Aubre Andrus

Now that 53 million Americans identify themselves as freelancers, according to a survey commissioned by Freelancers Union, it’s time 34 percent of the workforce earns a little more respect. Here are five stereotypes about freelancers I’d like to smash into smithereens.

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