Feature • April 20th, 2015

I Created a Writers Group, and It Changed My Freelancing Life

By Connie Jeske Crane

When one writer returned to freelancing after years of other work, she was overwhelmed by how much things had changed. But instead of panicking, she took control by starting her own group for writers.

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Feature • April 17th, 2015

Why ‘Write What You Know’ Is Terrible Advice

By Nicholas Pell

There are definitely limits to what I can write. But my goal—and the goal of successful freelancers—is to push those limits to get more work.

Feature • April 10th, 2015

How Freelancers Make Money and Tell Stories With Snapchat

By Aubre Andrus

Snapchat isn't just for young whippersnappers—freelancers are starting to learn how to snap their way to glory, too.

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