The Ultimate Guide to Making $100,000 a Year as a Freelance Writer

By Aubre Andrus August 2nd, 2016

Journalist Laura Shin is living the dream. She’s pulling in six figures as a freelance writer in New York City while she works on a book proposal on the side. But she wasn’t always a success story.

Years ago she tried to go freelance and failed. She was pitching one story at a time and struggling to manage what little money she was making. After four rocky years of trying to make it on her own, she eventually returned to the safety of a traditional job. So what’s the difference between the six-figure freelancer of today and the failed freelancer of the past? While her talent level didn’t change much, her process did.

“I’m so much better at what I do,” Shin said.

Unfortunately, becoming better at freelancing isn’t an overnight project. And earning six figures, in particular, is only accomplished by the rarified few. According to our study “The State of Freelancing in 2016,” only 5 percent of surveyed freelancers met or surpassed six figures by year’s end. But with a little advice from other successful freelancers, you can learn to improve your bottom line—and become better at what you do in the process.

“The Ultimate Guide to Making $100,000 a Year as a Freelance Writer” is not just about making more money. After all, if you were just in it for the money, you probably wouldn’t be a freelance writer. Instead, it’s about using your time more wisely, improving your craft, and marketing your business in the best way possible, all while maximizing the return on your work.

Up your freelance game and download “The Ultimate Guide to Making $100,000 a Year as a Freelance Writer.”

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