How Google Analytics Services Supercharge Your Freelancing

By Rudri Patel April 20th, 2023

I’ve learned that freelancing not only means delivering clean copy but also demonstrating to clients that I have other skills to help them grow their businesses. With my clients, I’ve offered search engine optimization (SEO), branding, and social media marketing to show a range of ways I can help them expand existing content strategies.

One tool that has helped elevate my freelance offering is using Google Analytics (GA4) services on a client’s website. I can help them analyze data points to propel their existing business strategies and establish goals for the future.

Google Analytics (GA4) services measure what works

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the most recent version of Google Analytics, and many use it to measure website traffic, content performance, user behavior, and engagement rates. For freelancers, understanding the nuances of GA4 can bring immediate value to your client.

Statistics show that 86.4% of all website owners use GA4 to gain important information to understand what is working or not working on a site. Most sites use universal analytics (UA), but as of July 1, 2023, if you want to continue to collect data through Google on your site, you will have to transfer over to GA4.

The good news is that GA4 is free to add to a client’s website—so why not take advantage of it and add google analytics services to your offerings?

Below are a few ways GA4 can help freelancers add specific value to their client’s content strategy.

Sharpen content focus

GA4 will generate statistics to show traffic to a client’s website, how long visitors stay on a particular page, and how the user navigates the page.

A freelancer can use that data to selectively boost content that interests users most and craft pitches that inspire engagement. For example, if visitors have responded well to interactive graphics or a photo slideshow, you can find ways to include those elements in your next round of ideation. You can also use the data to demonstrate how the content you’ve created generates traffic and promotes engagement like downloads or subscriptions.

By offering Google Analytics services to your clients, you can help them track metrics like average engagement time.

Concentrate marketing efforts

The analytics tool will show where traffic comes from and whether it’s organic, direct, or from social media channels. With the help of GA4, freelancers can advise the client which social media platforms drive the most traffic to the site. This information is especially helpful when clients draft their short- and long-term strategies for marketing efforts and campaigns. For example, I’ve advised some clients to reserve more money for Facebook rather than Twitter based on data derived from GA4.

Eliminate what’s not working

GA4 has the ability to determine when a user decides to exit the site. I’ve advised clients to abandon content that is pushing a user to click away from the site. This metric allows the freelancer to inform the client that people are coming to the website but aren’t staying and why that might be the case. Knowing the bounce rate can help clients pivot in a different direction and set new goals to target their audience.

Create opportunities for add-on services

Freelancers can offer several services to a client by utilizing GA4. You can market your services individually or as a packaged deal. Here are some ways freelancers can integrate GA4 into their toolbox of client services:

  • Offer to set up desired GA4 analytics, including tracking, conversion events, and data streaming.
  • Generate reports for the following: user behavior that includes engagement metrics, social media platforms that drive the most traffic, high-value pages, and customized reports based on client needs.
  • Create a custom dashboard to allow clients to easily access relevant data points.
  • Monitor revenue tracking and identify pages that generate sales.
  • Offer ongoing troubleshooting of GA4 to help clients navigate any product updates.
  • Create goals and future marketing strategies.

Using GA4 creates a holistic approach to freelancing

GA4 allows freelancers to implement a holistic approach to a client’s content strategy using targeted, data-driven insights. For freelancers in search of GA4 training, there are several resources available, including Google Analytics Academy and courses on LinkedIn.

Armed with data, freelancers are more effective in pitching their ideas, measuring the success of a client’s advertising campaign, and determining how much social media plays a part in these efforts. Most importantly, GA4 data can tell the story of the value freelancers bring to clients.

Image by Photo Credit: Mitchell Luo
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