What does Contently do?

Contently is a technology company based in NYC.

Contently was founded in 2010 with the mission to build a better media world—for the creatives who tell stories, for brands that want to connect with consumers, and for everyday people who rely on stories to understand the world. Put simply, Contently sells software and services to help brands trying to create high-quality content.

We also have three publications. Contently.com is for brands-turned-publishers. Contently.net is for creative freelancers.

So you make software—why are you publishing a magazine for freelancers?

Because we care about freelancers, and think they deserve a publication that covers the news, advice, and stories they actually care about. We also want to foster a communal atmosphere for freelancers to commiserate and give each other advice. The hope is that, by reading The Freelancer, freelancers will understand their industry better while improving at their craft.

More than anything, we want to help creative people make a good living doing what they love.

Why should I create a Contently portfolio?

A Contently portfolio is a great way to showcase your work to potential clients. It’s free and only takes 10-15 minutes to create. Our search tool automatically pulls all of the articles that were published under your name into the portfolio.

Using the portfolios, our talent team matches writers with new and existing accounts. To do that, they carefully evaluate clips before they decide who would be a good fit.

Your portfolio should include your best clips and links to your social media (personal website, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on) to impress our talent team. It should also look awesome visually, so don’t forget to upload photos and edit the title and description of each clip.

Will I get work through Contently?

We work with many different freelancers from all over the world in various verticals (finance, tech, lifestyle to name just a few). Our talent team works hard to identify talent that match the ongoing demand of our clients. We’ll notify you via email if you’re a match.

Overall, our goal is to help freelancers help themselves with all the little things that are tough about being independent—finding work, getting paid, managing a freelance business, marketing yourself, and so on. The Freelancer is here to keep you informed and educated, while a Contently portfolio will help you showcase your work to potential clients and put your best foot forward when you apply to gigs. The rest is up to you (but you’re a freelancer—you knew that).