Showcase your work with an online portfolio

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Why a Contently portfolio?

It’s free. It’s easy to use. And you may even land a gig with one of our clients.

Tell me more about the “land a gig” part.

Contently has a lot of clients, and we rely on freelancers like yourself to staff projects for them. A portfolio is your ticket in.

How do I make a great portfolio?

We have an algorithm that combs through users’ portfolios and pushes forward relevant candidates. So when you’re setting up your portfolio, make sure you focus on the kind of things algorithms like: namely, keywords that highlight your expertise and skills.

The biography section is a great place to start. Here, you should list your areas of expertise and the topics you frequently cover. In the headline section, be sure to specify whether you’re a writer, videographer, designer, and so on.

When looking for the right clips to include on your page, upload as many as you can to demonstrate your skill-set. We recommend sticking to showcasing your expertise in two to three core topics. And when adding your clips, make sure to include an an image and a concise excerpt.

I finished my portfolio! Now what?

We’d love to provide assignments for everyone who signs up for a Contently portfolio; unfortunately, we are not an open marketplace and cannot supply work for the roughly 150,000 users now using a portfolio.

We service our client’s needs and search for talent on a project by project basis. When there is a relevant gig that fits your background and skills, we will be in touch.

If you experience any errors when setting up your page, please contact our Contently Help Center at

Build Your Portfolio


“The Contently portfolio is super simple. I chose to show a small, focused sampling of work relevant to the kinds of projects I hope to get through Contently. I also have a link to my full design portfolio. When I get asked to take on a project, it’s not uncommon for the Talent Development Manager or the client to mention that they chose to work with me because of my portfolio.”

Evan MacDonald
Data Visualizer


“I found the Contently portfolio to be very easy to use. I’ve focused my freelance writing on entrepreneurship and career-related topics, so I chose a sampling of articles that showed the range of my work. I really liked it that the platform allowed me to pull in the artwork the publications used, which makes everything much more attractive. So far, the clients and potential clients who have contacted me have been a very good fit.”

Elaine Pofeldt
Journalist & Ghost Writer


“We find the Contently platform brilliant. It’s simple, clear, and clean with a strong design aesthetic. It positions our portfolio at the heart, which is where it should be.”

Ben Adam-Harris
Producer of Motion Graphics Studio