Showcase your work with an online portfolio

Easy to set up. Easy to update. And best of all? It’s free.

Why a Contently portfolio?

Contently uses a simple, single-page portfolio interface that allows you to clearly display your work, topics of expertise, and skills.

There’s no limit on how many projects you can upload, and if you’re a good match, we’ll reach out to you about freelance opportunities with our clients.

How do I make a great portfolio?

Our platform looks through freelancers’ portfolios and pushes forward relevant candidates. So, it’s essential that your portfolio represents precisely what you’d want a branded publication to know about your workthe clients you’ve worked with, the topics you’ve covered, and the skills you’ve used.

As you’re registering a portfolio, don’t skimp on any of the detailsclients might not click through to your website or LinkedIn, even if you’ve included it. Include as many projects as you can across two or three core areas that you specialize in, and take advantage of the Bio section to talk about your niche expertise and beats.

I finished my portfolio! Now what?

Continue updating it as you complete new work and be sure to tag the appropriate Topics and Skills for your projects. If you’re a good match for our clients, we’ll reach out to you directly with further information about next steps.

We work with clients across a variety of industries with a range of content needs, so we’re always making sure their teams are equipped with the best possible talent. With that said, we can’t supply opportunities to all of our users, and our platform works on a system of supply and demand. You’ll hear from us whenever opportunities best match the experience and expertise you’ve presented on your portfolio.

We service our client’s needs and search for talent on a project-by-project basis. When there is a relevant gig that fits your background and skills, we will be in touch.

If you experience any errors when setting up your portfolio, please contact our Contently Help Center at

Build Your Portfolio

“The Contently portfolio is super simple. I chose to show a small, focused sampling of work relevant to the kinds of projects I hope to get through Contently. I also have a link to my full design portfolio. When I get asked to take on a project, it’s not uncommon for the Talent Development Manager or the client to mention that they chose to work with me because of my portfolio.”

Evan MacDonald
Data Visualizer

“I found the Contently portfolio to be very easy to use. I’ve focused my freelance writing on entrepreneurship and career-related topics, so I chose a sampling of articles that showed the range of my work. I really liked it that the platform allowed me to pull in the artwork the publications used, which makes everything much more attractive. So far, the clients and potential clients who have contacted me have been a very good fit.”

Elaine Pofeldt
Journalist & Ghost Writer


“We find the Contently platform brilliant. It’s simple, clear, and clean with a strong design aesthetic. It positions our portfolio at the heart, which is where it should be.”

Ben Adam-Harris
Producer at Broken Antler