Feature • July 25th, 2014

I’m a Traveler and a Writer, But I Have a Serious Problem with Travel Writing

By Dana Ter

I’ve lived in 10 different countries on four continents and traveled to many more. I’m a traveler and a writer, but my experience growing up abroad has only made me skeptical of some overly-simplistic yet popular travel writing trends.

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Feature • July 24th, 2014

How the TaskRabbit Redesign Screws Freelancers

By Charlie Kasov

For four months, TaskRabbit gave me the freelancer's equivalent of a consequence-free hookup, allowing me to shore up my income by building an Ikea desk or writing some online reviews without these small jobs getting in the way of my more substantial writing gigs. Unfortunately, with the rollout of their slick, sleek, and spanking new app this summer, free love isn't so free anymore.

Feature • July 23rd, 2014

Jake Gyllenhaal Wants Your Job

By Jillian Richardson

Yep, that's right. Superstar/uber-hunk Jake Gyllenhaal wants to give up his celebrity lifestyle to be a freelance writer— at least on the silver screen.

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